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Help Translation on this 'Yosegaki Hinomaru'


18 Nov 2020
Good Evening!

I have this beautiful 'yosegaki hinomaru' almost two years in my collection, but never really treid to completely translate the flag. One of my friends, tried it and translated some parts of the flag.
But I wanted to be really sure and hope that you can help me with this here.

The flag was brought back to the US by a US Marine in 1944. He fought on Saipan where he picked the flag up.

The phrases I got already translated are the ones to the hoist side of the flag reading "May you life be long lasting" and right besides it the name "Morita (…)saburo". My friend told me that on the right side of the flag are only names.
Is that true?

And what to the phrases in the lower left side of the flag mean?

Any help would be much appreciated!



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I think everything else on there including the more prominent ones on the lower left are all names. But wait for the experts to confirm.
Name looks like
義田彌三郎 Yoshida Yazaburō (not Morita)

The one line on the lower left is a name
原政保 Hara Masayasu
The one next to it looks like a name, but I can't figure it out.
Wow thanks! So a different name.
Is the slogan right to the name of Yazaburō then also different from the translation posted above?
The slogan to the right of Yazaburō is 祈武運長久 (inoru buunchōkyū), meaning pray for good/everlasting luck in battle.
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