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Translation of a handwritten Japanese text

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17 Jan 2021
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Hello all,

10 years ago I made a trip through New Zealand, on which I also met some Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese people.
Only recently I went through all the documents and records I had kept and found a small piece of paper with Japanese(?) characters. Now I would like to know what it actually says. I know it's probably not easy because it's handwritten and very small/not very clean.
But if there is someone who can help me translate this, I would be very happy.


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It’s definitely not Japanese. I don’t think it’s Chinese either. I would guess Korean but you did not mention meeting Koreans.
Oh, I thought it was Japanese ^^
There may have been a few Koreans, it was a long time ago and my head likes to forget. I just always thought that Korean looked different, with more circles.
But thank you very much! Then I'll go looking for a Korean translation.
Oh, that's a bummer. But thanks for the answer!
I have already tried to translate the image with Google Translator (Japanese was displayed as the recognized language, which is why I ended up here) or to draw some individual characters. But either nothing was recognized or a wide variety of languages were displayed.
To be honest, I have no idea where I can look.
If you have any other tips I would really appreciate it.
It's probably not very exciting, but I'd really like to find out. Especially now with the interesting language.
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