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Translating “too wild” or “too savage” in a positve way

Mr. TooSavage

21 Mar 2021
I want to translate the both words: "too wild" or "too savage" in Japanese but in a positive, like if someone looks very attractive and we would says to this person "wow you looks so wild, so savage". Or a another example, like if a sports car looks really amazing, you could also say this "the damm car looks too wild". I hope everybody knows what I want to say with these two words. For all open questions feel free to ask :)
I think you’ll need to use different words to get a positive meaning. For example 格好良すぎる。

激しすぎる (too fierce) is possible as used here to describe Mel Gibson but it’s not being used positively. 激しすぎるメル・ギブソンの山あり谷あり人生:あの人は今|シネマトゥデイ

But here it’s used in a positive way. Like to mean “too intense.”

I think if you want to stick with wild and savage you’ll need to use the English words such as ワイルドすぎる and サベージすぎる.
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