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Thoughts on talking about the complexities of kanji with a five year old


28 May 2016
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My son is five. He does the first and second grade kanji but any old kanji as his interest goes. Cricket is korogi
蛬 but his grandfather says it is koorogi 蟋 except it is really
蟋蟀 and the former can also be pronounced koorogi.

Easy to write this relatively obscure kanji
廿 which my Japanese wife says it can be あまい which I can't find a single reference that agrees with that.

Is there a correct stroke for 零- preferably an online graphical display? Every reference that I have found to the antiquated form.

How do handle this issues? Thanks in advance.



12 Oct 2013
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A word like コオロギ would not be written in kanji by a 5-year old. It would be written in hiragana, which is the syllabary that Japanese kids start off with.
The kanji for koorogi in Japanese either 蛬 or 蟋蟀, but more probably 蟋蟀. are all outside of the 2000+ kanji that kids need to master in elementary and junior high school. They are "Level 1" kanji for the kanji kentei aptitude test, meaning they are among the most difficult of obscure or less-frequently used kanji.
If your 5-year old wants to learn them and has mastered the kanji basics of stroke order, then why not let him practice writing it. But be aware that it isn't a kanji that a Japanese child will learn until high school or college (if at all).

廿 = niju, or twenty
甘い = amai 

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