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The U.S. invasion brought about by the crown prince


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14 Mar 2002
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Interesting historical/zoological anecdote: the invasion of the American bluegill was triggered by then Crown Prince Akihito, who released them in the moats of the imperial palace.


When Crown Prince Akihito visited Chicago on October 3, 1960, his sole request was to visit Shedd Aquarium. Then Mayor Richard J. Daley, an avid angler, presented the prince with a gift that he scooped with a net from one of the tanks himself: 18 bluegills, the official Illinois state fish. [...] But in the meantime, the fish thrived unnoticed in the wild, multiplying in Japan's rivers, lakes, and streams, expanding its diet beyond insects, plankton, and aquatic plants to shrimp and native fish eggs. In their North American habitats, bluegills reproduce quickly and live for a long time, whereas in Japan, native shoreline fish had temporarily kept the bluegill population under control by eating their eggs and juveniles. By 1999, the bluegill had colonized all freshwater ecosystems in the country, spurring government-supported research into bluegill dispersal. But by then, it was way too late.



Sailing away...
3 Aug 2007
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Want me to run over to Shedd and pickup whatever the bluegill's natural predator is and send it over? I'm sure that will solve the problem! ;P
Maybe Lori Lightfoot can do the net swipe this time. LoL

I know, how about a lake stergeon? Those cuddly fishys would be an instant hit I'm sure! :D
18 Jan 2005
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In my countryside, bulgil was illegally released as food for black bass.
The owner of a fishing tackle shop in the neighborhood released a black bass into a dam or a pond to sell lures.
I learned lure fishing in reference to fishing comics in a childhood.
Does the Crown Prince contribute to the fact that a fishing boom matched from 70s through 80s?
And did you contribute to SHIMANO and Daiwa having become the global corporation?:unsure:
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