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hello ^^;; 🙂

name : Chika ( not my real name )
age : 16
Bday : 7 April
Favourite Country : Japan ( definately !! 👍 ) and Egypt
FAvourite Food : Sushi , tepanyaki , vietnamese food , chinese foood ..etc..^^;;

i learn Japanese and i can read Japanese , i speak Japanese too but not that well ~ 😊 i am planning to go to Japan and study when i reached 19 :)
i am very interested in Japan and i read alot about it ~ ^^;;
My turn!
Name : Nike
DOB : 19/may/1980
Sex : Female
Ethnicity : Javanese (with "V" not "P"!)
Occupation : Student, self-empoyed.
Likes : Cooking! Selling stufs, making money, i love cats!! felines, nice people.
Hates : Racist! Narrowminded people, snobs, animal hater!
In the next 5 years i would :... have my own P.T Company ^^
Why are you here ? : To find Japanese contact & friends.
And my turn

Name Radek
Nick: same, Radek
DOB 15 nov 1965 age OH! NO!!! almost 40 :( but I fil like 20 :)
Sign: scorpio
My place Opole in Poland
Interest in: Anime (esp. Miyazaki and SEL Lane), photography, net, computer games, science fiction (more films than books)
Goal of life and all the rest stuff; I don't know, I must think harder on it.
Name: Monika
Nicknames: Swanoos
DOB: 20/08/1989, Age 16
Blood type: Brh +
Sign: Leo
Place of birth: Stargard Szczecinski, Poland
Current location: same.. Stargard Szczecinski, Poland
Favorite color: black and red
Hobbies, interests, and passions: everything about Japan, drawing
Talents: i'm very good in maths and drawing
Goals in life: to leave my home town and move to Japan next year.. And later we'll think ^^
name: steven
age: 26( 4 weeks shy of 27....sigh)
occupation: scallywag :)
bloodtype: O
ethnicity:scottish, with a subtle hint of english

POB: Glasgow
loves: football (please don't call it soccer!), my parents, cycling, running, reading all sorts of books
hates: wasting time, my boss, scottish weather while climbing up a rockface
starsign: aquarius
religious beliefs: absolutely none.

i wanna say a big hello to everyone.
Name: Zara
Nicknames: ravenwaves, deftonesgirl
DOB: 29/10/1984, Age 20
Blood type: 0-
Sign: Scorpio
Ethnic background: Swedish
Place of birth: Ostersund, Sweden
Current location: Ostersund, Sweden
Favorite color: Black, red, white, green.
Hobbies, interests, and passions: Video games, anime, music, drawing, japanese culture, travelling and lots more.. ^^
Favourite music: Machine Head, Deftones, Spineshank, CKY, Tiger Army.
Favourite anime: Full Metal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, Fruits Basket, Naruto + lots of the Studio Ghibli movies.
Goals: Many.

Name: Maxamillian (Call me max) :p 🙂
Nicknames: Max or Jamar
DOB: 09/28/1991, Age 13
Blood type: Dunno...
Sign: Libra
Ethnic background: African-American
Place of birth: New York City, New York
Current location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Favorite color: Black, any shade of blue and purple, white, lite orange.
Hobbies, interests, and passions: Video games, anime, music, trying to take over the world :devilish: . Wait I mean trying to draw.
Favourite music: None.
Favourite anime: Full Metal Alchemist.
Goals: To be able to speak, read, and write in japanese.
Hello just a quick intro from me. I'm jjaappaa. I live in Oz but in 3 weeks I will be in Japan in the Nag! Looking forward to enjoying the message board with you all. yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
DOB: 23
Ethnic background: half Jap
Place of birth: Yokosuka, Japan
Current location: USA
Hobbies, interests, and passions: cars, tattoos, movies
Favourite music: J rap
Goals: finish school, open up a garage with my buddy
Name: Kara
DOB: 11th Feb. 1988
Blood type: no idea
Sign: Aquarius
Ethnic background: ... Australian? XD
Place of birth: somewhere, South Australia
Current location: South Australia 😭
Favorite color: Red, Pink, Black
Hobbies, interests, and passions: Art (painting, drawing), music, Japan/Japanese of course... and getting out of Australia. :D
Favourite music: Dir en grey, Janne Da Arc, Kagrra
Goals: finish high school :eek:

DNB m8 live every day

hello im Dark Angel of the Dominion Order . com DNB net station based in the UK 7 days and nites a week m8 just sharin the info yeah hope u can join us
I am from Scotland ,am female ,am WELL over 21, have a 14 yr old daughter.Love all things Japanese.Love Gackt.Moi Dix Mois(hoping to see them in Germany next month),Malice Mizer,Hyde,Pierrot,Hide,Dir en Grey,Miyavi etc etc.I am a pagan and a witch(NOT a satanist,cos we dont believe in it).Am also studying Druidism.Fave colour black,sign -Taurus,element- earth.
Name: Rachel

Nicknames: none really... my best friend calls me "booger" alot

DOB: 04/18/86

Blood type: not a clue

Sign: Aries

Ethnic background: I'm a mutt... mostly French Irish and Cherokee

Place of birth: Uhhh.... the hospital... hehe

Current location: New Orleans

Favorite color: purple... but I wear a lot of black and white

Hobbies, interests, and passions: music, art, I love helping people, all things Japanese especially Jrock, video game... and so many other things I can't think of right now... I like confetti... hehe 🎊 :cracker:

Talents: I'd like to think of myself as an artist... and possibly a musician even if I am still learning

Goals in life: Well to survive college and teach English to students in Japan

A few other things not mentioned in to original questions...

Favorite Food: Tacos.... yummmmmmmmm

Favorite Drink: Tea

Places I Would Like to Visit: Japan... obviously, UK, France, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, and every Asian country... I'm really just too lazy to write them all

If I Could Have...

One Super Power? : Invisibility

One wish? : Meet Dir en Grey... not rape... I'm not a crazy fangirl... I just want to thank them in person

Any item right now? I want a bass guitar sooooo bad right now (I had to sell my electric)
Name: Erin
Nicknames: Eri, Eris, Sabrin, Sabre and Bladed
DOB: April 9, 1987
Blood Type: I wish I knew
Sign: ~Traditional - Aries ~With all 13 - Picies
Ethnic Background: half English about 40% dutch and 10% Native American (no clue what tribe)
Place of Birth: Salem, OH
Current Location: USA
Favorite colors: Black, Blood Red, Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Bright Blue and pale pink
Favorite Music Artists/Composers: Handel, Scarlatti, Enya, Nightwish, Evanescence and Savage Garden
Hobbies: Music (composing, listening, perfroming), Drawing, Writing, Role Playing, Divination, Plants, Color Guard and Dance
Goals: To be a music teacher or an opera singer
Favorite Anime: Chobits, Sailor Moon, Macross Plus, Gundam Wing, Shamanic Princess, Revolutionary Girl Utena and Excel Saga
Favorite Manga: Ceres: Celestial Legend, Fushigi Yugi, Sailor Moon, 3X3 Eyes and Excel Saga
Favorite Food: Watermelon, Green grapes, Mangos, Pineapple and Red Raspberries (fresh, not store bought, I like to pick the berries myself)
I want: ~To learn how to play the harp or violin ~To go to Japan, England, Ireland and Germany

My friends have decided that I came from the wrong time era, that I should be placed into the Renesance or the Victorian/Gothic era. I like lolita style clothing and would love to be able to dress like someone from Chobits.
These threads are fun.

Name: Bill
Nicknames: Shooter
DOB: 19/12/1948, Age 56
Blood type: A+
Sign: Sagitarius
Ethnic background: Heinz 57 varieties
Place of birth: Philadelphia, PA
Current location: Jacksonville, NC
Favorite color: electric blue, British Racing Green, silver
Hobbies, interests, and passions: Passions? What's that?
Favourite music: Beethoven, Mozart, Led Zepplin, the Doobie Bros, the Eagles, James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Deep Purple, "...and the hits just keep on coming!"
Favourite anime: what's an anime????
Goals: to revisit Okinawa one more time...with a side trip to Australia maybe
Favorite car: 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB four cammer
Favorite car that I can actually afford: Subaru WRX STi
Favorite food: osso buco
Favorite drink: ice tea (unsweet)
Favorite beer: Boddington's Pub Ale...no, Guinness, no...I don't know!
Favorite quotes: "It's covered under the warranty, the check is in the mail, we're here to help, I'll respect you in the morning, etc."
Name: Michael
Nicknames: Rudel, Mai-chan
DOB: 07/10/1982, Age 22
Blood type: A+
Sign: Cancer
Ethnic background: German/Saxon
Place of birth: Whiteman AFB, MO
Current location: Okinawa City, Okinawa, Japan
Favorite color: Dark Blue, Hunter Green, Silver
Hobbies, interests, and passions: I love to create image files for 3d models in flight simulations. (Flight Sim Skin Booth). I'm also into flying as I have my pilots license. Woohoo!!! And my passion? To take care of my fiance.
Favourite music: Punk Rock! Indies! (Mongol 800, Shakka Labbits, D[d:], Guttermouth, Boxcar Racer, MXPX, etc etc etc etc
Favourite anime: One Piece
Goals: Reside in Mainland Japan being a communications technician / graphics artist
Favorite car: MY Sooped up 2003 Focus SVT
Favorite food: Gyuniku Ramen.
Favorite drink: hmmmmmm....
Favorite beer: Oprahaus
Favorite quotes: "Learn To Fly, Fly To Fight, Fight To Win!"
Name: Jason
DOB: 02/4/85
Blood type: not a clue
Sign: Aquarious
Ethnic background: Filipino/American (mom's Cherokee/English/German/French)
Place of birth: Vallejo, CA
Current location: San Diego
Favorite color: Black (Black is like the new.... um, Black!)
Hobbies, interests, and passions: Lately... I dont know what I like. I used to like to go out with friends then get realy sad and go sulk in a corner for the rest of the day playing a video game that I realy only moderately hate just because I don't wana be stuck thinking about anything that might not be fun to think about, but I hear thats not a very fun thing to do so I've taken up overworking myself and getting a realy good degree so I can be rich. Yes money solves all problems... untill you lose taste for all the things you enjoy and your life becomes one big pile of gooey stuff.
Talents: Well... I suck at music... art too...math... science, is there anything I dont suck at? Well I guess there's being wierd, I've got that down realy well.... but that just means I suck at being normal.
Goals in life: A 3.5 coming out of USC with a IB BA or BS, what ever it is and something to take my mind of the fact that... there is a cocatiel perched on my cats head??! OMG LMAO... (wow that was random... I guess I'll just leave that in there anyways) Oh, one more goal... not to talk untill my head implodes!
Favorite Food: Tempura and Lumpia... uhh those are sooo good (notice how no mater where you go they always have McDonalds, Starbucks, and Manderin Cuizine?)
Favorite Drink: Vodka, I went to a party a while ago and was like... Ok i'll drink that, but what they didnt tell me is I was supposed to use a shot glass, not a beer mug. I was so drunk I started meowing and rubbing up against my friends leg. She thought it was funny untill I fell over on the floor.
Places I Would Like to Visit: The floor in my room.... I haven't seen it in ages
If I Could Have...
One Super Power? : Flight
One wish? : Not to dream. Ever had the dream that's sooo good that you wake up and it feels like a dagger to your spine, more so than any nightmare because you know nothing will ever be as good ever again?
Any item right now? I want a Piano, and an Electric Bass... I can not play Acoustic or Electric, it's just not working with the bar cords... that and I can't use a pick to save my life. Oh, I also want a Black on Black BMW 745I and mabe a hikoki :p
And if you can read this then A) you are officialy not blind and B) you have alot of spare time and probly a large attention span if you can remeber enough to see just how crazy I am.
Name: Matt
Nicknames: Matty
DOB: 10/07/1987, Age 17
Blood type: not sure
Ethnic background:german/Aus

Place of birth: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Current location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Favorite color: Orange and green

Hobbies: shops, Japan culture and living, chatting, socialise, beach, themeparks, movies, coffee and meeting new people.

Talents: singing, cant stop talking and making people laugh.

Goals in life:Get out of Australia as soon as i can and work in japan or America. Be rich and spoil some one i love. :p
This may take some time .... I'm older than most ..... sooooo :-

(I apologise in advance, to "Sweet n'Cute", for stealing the format ! But it was very concise! Thank you !)

Name: John (ニ淡ニ停?。ニ停??

Nickname: Thank God, I've never had one ... !

Age: .....hmmm.....hmmmm...61.... (it will happen to all of you .... !)

DOB: 1943, September 11th ..Really !

Sign: Virgo (In some respects .... a lie !)

Chinese Sign: I haven't the faintest idea.

POB: Peterborough, England

Location: Near Vancouve BC, Canada

Fav Number: 7 (Am totally paranoid about "13")

Fav Colour: Depends on my mood - but won't go near green !)

Fav day of the week: Saturday

Fav season: Spring/Early Summer

Fav food: Shrimp, Squid, ...... and anything that can be made into a sausage on a bun !

Fav Japanese food: I love sushi and sashimi.

Most disliked Japanese food: Haven't tried a large enough range to form a judgement.

Hobbies: Don't really have any,now - I regard painting as my "second job....."

Dislikes: Discourtesy, impatience, anybody who stresses that "you should be a doer, not a thinker...", extreme right wing thinking (So, sue me !), Broccoli, Rhubarb, Suicide bombers (...if they could only do it without taking anybody with them, I'd buy the explosive ... ), ..... and lottsa things like that.

Fav type of music: Classical. Blues. Jazz. Anything from the sixties - with a few notable exceptions .... (email me for list ... !)

Latest book: The Japanese Submarine Service and World War II (Sorry about that, folks ... but it's true ...)

Latest Movie: Probably something in B+W on DVD ! Suitably grainy and documentary !

Talents: Many and diverse. But I screw things up repeatedly. ( I play a mean blues harmonica, though !)

Interest in Japan: Food, outlook on life, and modern history.

Goals: At my age - I think another 20-30 years would do the trick ... !


I don't like to talk much about myself. All I can say is I'm a freaking dog hanyou.

Hi, my name is Reona. I am a 3rd year student at Pricneton university. My major is computer science with a certificate in East Asian Studies. My parents are both japanese but my birth place is NY.

Hobbies include kendo, drawing, and video games.

I'm also trying to start a students for a sensible drug policy at my school.
Name: Damien
Nickname: hmmmmm don't really have one actually 😌
DOB: March 22, 1986
Sign: Aries, though I don't think I act like one....
Other than that I'm white, ftm transexual, gay too by the way, also an atheist but no die hard hater :) I love Japanese culture, but really love Jrock, its about all I listen too! Dir en Grey & Miyavi are my faves (Shinya is so beautiful 😍 )
uh, guess thats it
All I will say is the name is Mike and I have been compared to a wookie on more than one occassion. Black, black must wear black. No, I am not a goth just like black.
Name: Jo

Nickname: Jo Jo (I had it before the singer!)

DOB: 24/08/88 (Virgo)

Fav colour: Black

Fav band: Incubus Fav singer: Gackt

Fav anime: Escaflowne!!!!! (both series and film)

Fav film: Battle Royal

Interests: Anime nut, and love music too. Love Jrock and my fav is Gackt, cause he's awsome. I also love Incubus and Funeral for a Friend. I also like Tarot reading
I am in my first year of collage and like spending my time watching anime, listing to music and surfing the net (even though im really bad with computers. Please can some1 tell me how to personalise, yep i'm that bad).
I live with my mum and 4 Dogs (Beardied collies) but only one is mine, Wesley.

Goal: ?

Reason for joining this forum: Don't know many people who are into the same stuff I am, so was hoping to meet and talk to people with the same intrests as me.

If you read all that, Thanks
PS. I f there is another big Escaflowne fan out there, please contact me, cause i love if but don't know any1 else who does.
Hi, my name's Candice

Just signed up and am bit of a dolt when it comes to figuring out most internet-related things...like how to post, where to post, etc. But! Just wanted to introduce myself (as something other than internet-challenged!)

I'm Canadian but lived in the States for long, long time. Moved to Japan about 3 months ago and will be living here (Kanagawa) for the next four years. I could tell you what I'm doing here and why, but then I'd have to kill you. :)

Hoping to learn Japanese (studied it a long, long time ago!), visit fun places (including upcoming fertility festival in Kawasaki), meet interesting people, etc., etc during my time here.

Other things about me (in absolutely no logical order):

I like to write--except when I'm tired (like right now!), love to read fiction, especially science fiction and magical realism. I'm a Libran/Rooster who loves the colour blue, though thanks to time served in Manhattan, also have fondness for black. Am not "really Canadian" since I moved there from England when I was twelve and was actually born in a different country entirely. Am married (feels weird but you get used to it). And last, but not least, last weekend tried "strange" looking soup with lots of hard to identify ingredients and just loved it. The soup: oden.

p.s. May one day figure out how to avatarize/avatar-ate/avatar-accessorize posts. ;-).
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