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13 Dec 2003
I guess ill start

Name: Brian
Nicknames: Ghost
DOB: 05/03/1987, Age 16
Blood type: a+
Sign: Anubis
Ethnic background: mixed

Place of birth: Fort Stockton, TX
Current location: Denver, CO

Favorite color: black and red

Hobbies, interests, and passions: video games, Japanese girls.

Talents: Leader ,games(duh).

Goals in life: to move out of my parents' house, live in Japan.
Name: Christina
Nicknames: i have alot but you guys know moon and neptune etc etc kitty etc etc
DOB: March 26,1985 age 18
Blood type: A+
Sign: true blue aries
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
place of birth: albert einstein hospital bronx new york (thats why im so smart j/k)
current location: same bronx new york havnt gone far
fave color: purple
Favenumber: 4
interests: video games, animals, paintball, japanese guys, anime, manga, techno
talents: a good friend and i dunno im me so thats a talent right there
goals: move to japan, be a vet, have a house and four kids, and own all the cats in the world
Name: Ben
Nicknames: generally, howabe
DOB: 23rd July 1986... Age: 17
Blood type: dunno... the red type... lol O I think
Sign: Cancer and Leo (on the cusp)
Ethnicity: East European Jewish descent
POB: Manchester
Location: Manchester, soon to be somewhere else....
Favourite Colour: Black
Numbers: 43, 216
Interests: Football (soccer:p), Gamecube, Cinema (esp. Japanese), Music (metal + some rap)
Talents: errr... vast intelligence lol
Goals: Live somewhere outside the UK as soon as possible
Name: Winter
Nicknames: Winter
DOB: March 16, 8458 B.C.E.
Age: You do the math.
Blood type: O something or other.
Sign: I said March 16th. You figure it out.
Ethnicity: Its really not important.
POB: Old Alfheim
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Favourite Colour: Never had one.
Numbers: Mean nothing to me.
Interests: Now thats a secret.
Talents: None, unfortunately.
Goals: Make a career out of music. Or die failing.
Food: Okinomiyaki
Mountain/Ocean view?: Mountain. I have an intense phobia of oceans.
Next place to travel: LA, then Chicago, then Anaheim, then Japan, then the Phillippians.
Drink: The many forms of vodka/ MGD.
Season: You're kidding, right? Oh...lets say SPRING....right....
Way to relax: Sex. Blood-letting/drinking. Meditating. Walks through forests. Mainly sex, though.
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Name: Esca --ask for real
Nicknames: More then i can count!!!! just ask but you know Esca
DOB: December 29,1983--Capricorn!! [Tyrese: signs of lovemaking]
Age: urmmm....20...yea thats it!
Blood type: O or A or A+ or B or B+...just something RED like koolaid!
Sign: Capricorn
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
POB: Ceiba, Puerto Rico
Location: Orlando, Fl...I hate Florida
Favourite Colour: Blue...duh....
Numbers: 3
Interests: Anime, girls, japan, girls, money, games[all things connected], internet, neptunemoon, cars, japanese..girls..wooT!!
Talents: ALot! plus unspoken ones...😊
Goals: become a CaZillionaire or just a vampire and live forever....i'm not picky;)
Name: eto... Aya - not my real name though, but ppl know me as that, or call me like that guy in beyblade, the captain of the team...

Nicknames: I think you should know me as Mayura

DOB: sometime in September...

Sign: Libra

Current location: Singapore

Favorite color: blue, white, black, yellow... most of them

Hobbies: drawing, music, anime, manga, lot's of things!!

Talents: eto... some say it's drawing, spoiling my sis maybe... ?

Goals in life: eto... like everybody else, go visit japan!! and improve my drawingskills! ^^
oops - i sent my reply before id finished...d'oh!!! ill start again!!! :p

name - jon
nicknames - j-man, jovial, jovial jon, jov, joviality etc
argh! the keyboard is broke or somethin...ill continue

d.o.b. 9/7/85
age - 18
blood type - no idea
sign - cancer
place of birth - liverpool, england
location - just outside liverpool
colour - red or purple
numbers - no particular favourite!
interests - films, music, computers, reading, football, writing etc etc
talents - ummmm.....
goals - to become a super successful journalist..and then go live in japan
I always like participating in these little things...

Name: Rachel

Nicknames: Rach, Ray, and all of the other internet nicknames I have including this one

DOB: 07/01/76; 27 years old

Blood type: A+

Sign: Cancer

Ethnic background: typical caucasian American; German Swiss, English, and a touch of Native American

Place of birth: Virginia

Current location: back to Virginia

Favorite color: black and more black...I usually do not like color...hehe

Hobbies, interests, and passions: being a mom, cooking, music, movies, Nintendo, and a couple that I shouldn't mention...

Talents: hmmmm...being an alright mom, darn good at anything having to do with Zelda, pretty good cook, a good listener...I really don't have any overwhelming talents, I guess

Goals in life: to raise my sons to be decent human beings and...well...something else that I won't mention...

(I think we should add more questions :p )
Kirei-na-me your post has just made me more curious!! Some of the things you hinted at are rather intriguing hehe :p

Name: Corrina
Nicknames: Cori-chan.. Correy... murachi ...
POB: Auckland, New Zealand
Current location: Kagoshima-ken, Japan
Ethnic background: First generation Kiwi. Parents from England.
Favourite colour: white, blue
Hobbies, interests: Painting, reading, music, travelling
Goals in life: To find my cure, to be the best person I can be, To make the people around me happy
Favourite food: atm, anything with azuki beans!
Mountain or ocean view: ocean
Next place to travel to: Italy
Season: summer
Drink: gin or Chardonnay
Favourite way to relax: music, shopping !, or a bubble bath with a glass of the above wine

opps added too many new ones......😄
intriguing indeed rach!!!

@jovial....Joviality is your new name!!!!

Oh yea i love oceans, and hate being in the house!
Favourite food: chocolate chip cookies
Mountain or ocean view: tough choice...I think mountains wins by a hair
Next place to travel to: NYC, I would hope
Season: Spring
Drink: if we're talking alcohol--Midori sour; if we're talking non-alcoholic--iced water or tea
Favourite way to relax: talking to my favorite person or taking a hot bath and listening to some slow jams ;) (yeah, that old school stuff)
Originally posted by jovial_jon
oops - i sent my reply before id finished...d'oh!!! ill start again!!! :p

name - jon
nicknames - j-man, jovial, jovial jon, jov, joviality etc

I think that we could conclude that jovial jon is, indeed, jovial... ;)
Name: Paul
Nicknames: Porl'', Dude, Porl-patine, mutley, the melv.
POB: Burton on trent. UK
Current location: see above.. ;)
Ethnic background: White
Favourite colour: Petrol blue
Hobbies, interests: Skateboarding, Bmxing, mountain biking, drawing, graphic design, playing computer games, collecting consoles, reading comics, watching films..etc..etc..
Goals in life: To be happy, go travelling around..go to japan..complete Monkey island 3!!! hehe
Favourite food: Chicken curry from my local cantonese take-out, or a new fave - Parmisan. I've been told its a Middlesborough delicassey. YUM!
Mountain or ocean view: Probably high in the mountains looking through clouds and stuff.
Next place to travel to: france (but im hoping japan).
Season: Summer
Drink: Lemon Tea ...
Favourite way to relax: Sit at my computer and Mong!! *dribble dribble* ..or sleep..mmm ... :D

Name: For you, Chipi (i cant write my real name without scandinavian letters :))
Nicknames: Chipi, Chipsu, Tsipi, sipis,...
DOB: January 30th 1981
Age: 22 for a couple of weeks more ;)
Blood type: O+
Sign: Aquarius, and ape in the chinese one...and I truly am those!
Ethnicity: basic scandinavian- white, pale and fair ;) And ancestors from Scotland
POB: Vantaa, Finland
Location: Helsinki FIN
Favourite Colour: pure red, silver, white, black
Interests: At least movies, music, dreams,japanese things like samurais etc,drawing, making clothes, and organizing and decorating clubs+parties(techno)..all though i havent done those for a year now, because there just isnt enough time between studies and work..
Goals: ..first> to go to Japan next summer, if not there, then somewhere else other than scandinavia, to have a good profession for myself, to find someone to marry :), to have a dog of my own, to ...the list goes on and on..!
Mountain/Ocean view?: Ocean! I love water!!
Next place to travel: Hopefully Japan
Drink: Welll,from alcohol-ones...Piテアa Colada is quite good, some vodka drinks are good, campari with orange juice is ok...
Season: I like them all, but I guess i love the summer and the winter best...maybe because they are so different from eachother, at least here in Finland...in the summer it can be +30c, in the winter -30c.. ;)
Way to relax: bathing or showering in warm water with candles and stuff, listening to music, eating some really good food and drink some wine with it, go to an excellent party if there is one and dance dance dance...
season: spring
drink: pepsi is my alcohol it really gets me all giggly. I dont like the taste of alcohol or I havnt found my drink yet
favorite food: lasagna
mountain or ocean view: cant I have both but I would pick ocean cuz it smells soooo good and I like water though I cant swim
Ways to relax: talk to friends, bath with candles, music and dancing and just plain ol sitting in nature

esca your really sweet to me
Cola=alcohol? You're funny Neptunemoon!:)

Nickname: Ido
DOB:u don't wanna know
place of birth:Almelo, Queen Juliana hospital
Ethnic background: Thuanthi and AngloSaxon.
Holland/England:The Island, natch! :D
Hobbies:RPG's and computer games in general, reading, writing,
making music, rapping, singing, drawing manga...
I do too much.
Occupation:parkinglot attendant heehee.
Sign:huh what?
Ocean/mountains:Never saw an ocean, but I love the sea!
Book:Shakespeare, complete works
Jpop:Ayumi Hamasaki
Fav mc:KRS One.
Well, that's me.
Name: Joshua Sehrer
Nicknames: Asian Thumpa, Big-time Josh, biAS (spd-k)
DOB: September 13,1982 age 21
Blood type: HIV-
Sign: The one with the hot b*tch on it (Virgo)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
place of birth: Springfield, Oregon
current location: Corvallis, Oregon
fave color: Green (like money)
Favenumber: 3
interests: Partying, girls, shopping, going to Tokyo, studying, studying Japanese, making music, listening to music, skateboarding, being filmed, editing footage and being photographed.
talents: Hustler and self-proclaimed God's gift to asian b*tches.
goals: I've done everything that I've ever wanted to do as a kid so really all that's left for me to do is write a book about how I treat Japan, get a publisher's grant and literally get paid thousands of dollars to get drunk and sleep with gorgeous women, eer I mean b*tches.


Name: Den4
DOB: sometime back in the last millennia
Spawning Grounds: De-Portland, Oregon
Current Hive: suburbs of Mushroom Forest, now that all the silicon has gone away....with closed hi-tech industries....
Ethnicity: what they used to call Oriental
Knowledge: none
Blood type: red
Bloody heck if I know about the rest of the stuff.... :D
Name: jason
Nicknames: jeisan, stinger
DOB: 12/22/82 -- 21
Blood type: O+
Sign: テ
Ethnicity: cracker
POB: van nuys, california
Location: san antonio, texas but we'll see where i am next month... anyone want a roomate?
Favourite Colour: blue
Numbers: odd
Interests: chinese history, anime, hacky sack, languages
Talents: i can memorize long strings of numbers/letters after seeing them once or so. dont know if thats really a talent but it comes in handy for phone numbers :p
Goals: to be content
Food: most all of it
Mountain/Ocean view?: im an aspiring beach bum
Next place to travel: prolly florida then cali.
Drink: tequila
Way to relax: sleep
Name: George
Nicknames: Hiro
DOB: 03/20/1984 Age: 19
Blood type: Not Sure
Sign: Pisces
Ethnic background: 25% American Indian, 25% Spanish, 50% ???

Place of birth: Houston, TX
Current location: Orlando, FL

Favorite color: Blue, Black, Silver

Hobbies, interests, and passions: Computers (programming, games, whatever), Bowling, Pool (billiards), Tennis, Basketball, Japan (all things i.e. languange, history, culture etc.), Cars (Imports),

Talents: Nothing in particular

Goals in life: Get my web design buisness off the ground, Become as fluent as possible in Japanese, Learn more about Japanese history and culture, Study in Japan, Visit Japan regularly, Have another foreign exchange student
Name: E Jonathan . B
Nicknames: JoNo!
DOB: Sept 8, 1988 Age : 15
Blood type: I honestly dont know...
Sign: ViRgO
Ethnicity: Filipino/Latino/Indian (mostly filipino, so a bit asian looking)
POB: Los Angeles, CA
Location: Duarte, CA (used to be Glendale)
Favourite Color : Black, Red, Blue, Sky Blue , White
Favorite Food : ANYTHING JUST GIMME *munch munch*
Favorite Object : mp3 player
Somone I admire : Dad

Hobbies : Computers (security, modding, anything that will make mine faster) Music, weight lifting, sleeping, must have a daily 15+ hours of sleep-nya

Life Master Plan : Get better grades, if grades don't get me to college, I will enlist in the U.S. Airforce, or U.S. Marines (doubt it) , if I am able to goto college (grade wise) i'd like to major in psychology or become an RNA or CNA or whatever my aunts and uncles are or better... Seeing how im really interested in technology, i'm sure i'd become a computer tech or some kind of computer thing

Goal in Life : to be happy and find my significant other

Talents : sleeping and eating 3x the average human cosumes and keeping a high metabolic rate.. -.- but i think every guy does that hahahahah :)
Name: Yosef G.
Nickname: Mad pierrot, lifterdead
Born: 1981
Ethnicity: Polish, Czech, Austrian, Slovak..... I mean, American!
Birthplace: Chicago
Location: Wakayama, Japan
Food/drink: everything
Talents: the amazing lack of talent!
Likes: idividuals, pizza, entertainment, hot baths
Dislikes: people, natto, and cell phones

Goal in life: Build empire, destroy enemies, spawn a thousand sons, rule world, and stop biting my nails.
Name: Ben Zed
Nick: TZed9 (When they kill me this time, I have no more reincarnations left)
DOB: 02/07/1977
Age: 26
Blood type: Unknown/never tested
Sign: Cancer
Ethnicity: Polish parents, born and educated in south east UK
POB: Dover, UK
Location: Bristol, UK
Favourite Colour: Proably black and red and green.
Likes: Philosophy, merging sci-fi with reality, martial arts and excercise, reading, playing violent PC first person shooters, driving very fast
Hates: Strip lighting, people with no self control.
Talents: Inhuman talents
Goals: Live in Japan to study martial arts and zen philosophy
Food: Japanese and Italian, anything with lots of chillis
Drink: Water, a glass of a good red in the evening daily
Way to relax: Shoot good friends in a virtual arena. Some culture, little music, lots of breaking the speed limit on twisty smooth tarmac.
Today's hot phrase: You, you. In my trailer!
Today's favourite thing: Camera phone
Speed record: 189 MPH on public roads
Aspirations: See Earth from orbit.
Current mission: Achieve perfect balance between body & mind.
Mission status: Not complete.

Bowing out...

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
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