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Help Sword I am trying to translate


25 Mar 2023
Hello, I am new to the platform, and I was advised to create a new thread regarding the sword I am trying to translate. I am having a lot of trouble with this one, I do believe I may have the swordsmith's clan, however I am not sure on that. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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I think this is forgery ("gimei" as we say in the sword world). The sword world is full of forgeries. It isn't unusual.

The inscription is trying to say
Setsu-no-kami Minamoto Tadayuki

But the "Tada" looks funny, and the patina on the sword's tang looks a bit off.
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I don't think its worth the effort to get it authenticated. I'm pretty sure its a fake.
This is what a real one looks like

Yours looks like an exact replica of the one in this thread
It seems a million fake flags , swords, and other items are out and about. Owning one is nothing bad , unless you paid out a ton of money for a fake. It seems making fakes and copies of all types of items has been a world wide business practice for many years. If it were me , I'd hang it on the wall and make up a super good story to go with it , like maybe it was used in the movie "Kill Bill" and who will know the difference . I would give Majestic a 99.9% approval rate on his takes on items , he's been doing it quite a while.
Lol. Not a bad idea, it's actually for sale and I was thinking about purchasing it, but looking at it next to a real one it's not even close… not sure if I'll get it or not, I did already talk him down from 1000$ to only $300 but idk if it's even worth that when I could just buy a brand new one for that price. Here is this one next to a real one …..

PS - thank you so much for helping, the translation was dead on the money
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