1. SMiles

    Looking for information on antique Japanese Wakizashi sword

    I recently purchased a very old wakizashi in a bone shirasaya, but upon inspection I noticed the blade was forged with the last 1/3 of the top of the blade sharp (last 1/3 of the blade to the point). I was hoping someone could tell me what to call a blade that is sharpened on both sides like...
  2. J

    Workers unearth 1500 year old armor and sword

    Hello all :) I saw this and thought I'd share it here Workers paving a road in the Osumi region in the eastern Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan stumbled upon a 1,500-year-old tunnel tomb. In the stone tomb, they've found well-preserved armour, a sword and human remains. Source : Workers...
  3. acupofrice

    Help Kanji Help: Sword Inscription

    Hello!!! I'm new here and I kind of need a little help. I found this sword in our house and there's this inscription/signature. I'm trying to figure it out but I only know a few kanji and I'm really curious as to what it means. Here are the images. Your answers are much appreciated!!! THANKS...
  4. K

    Sword identification

    I have no experience reading Japanese and need help interpreting this writing. I thank you in advance for any help :)
  5. Acoyauh

    Translation of a sword signature

    Hello, This sword is being offered, really cheap. I do not expect it to be nihonto, of course, but I would like to try and figure out its manufacture to see if it's worth getting it for practice. I'm aware that some (bad) China swords carve Japanese-looking gibberish to pass them as nihonto or...
  6. N

    Historical Calligraphy

    Hi, I'm trying to complete some geneology work for my family, and I have a piece of WWII Era Provenance that came with a family heirloom sword. Unfortunately, I have no idea what any of the calligraphy means. Would anyone in the forum be willing or able to help me translate its meaning? Id be...
  7. Sword dancing

    Sword dancing

    Dancing with swords at a village shinto festival. Fall 2002, Kochi.
  8. Dancing Swords

    Dancing Swords

    Swords decorated for a Shinto festival. Fall 2003, Kochi.