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Student visa after doing 6 months internship with Kenshu visa in Japan


15 Nov 2020
Hi everyone!
In 2018 while I was a senior student in university, I joined an internship program in Japan startup company for 6 months. I got kenshu (研修) visa at that time.
After finishing that internship program, I was back to my country, finishing my undergraduate thesis, graduated, and have been working in my country until now.
Now after 2 years, I want to be back to Japan and study Japanese in one of language institutes.
My question is, does my previous kenshu visa affect my upcoming application in student visa? or it will just be ok?

If you guys have the same experience as me, please let me know ^^
There should be no reason that having had a visa before will negatively affect your application for a student visa provided that you did not have any problems while in Japan (e.g. no legal/police problems, paid all applicable taxes if you were paid, etc.)

You will need to put the information on your application (visa / duration etc.
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