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Signed WWII National flag translation

Andrew L.

14 Aug 2020
Your help translating appreciated!
My apologies in advance for not knowing correct orientation of the characters.
flag (4).jpg
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    flag (1).jpg
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Pray for good luck in battle - written horizontally (right to left) on the top
Destroy England and America - written under the red disc.
Certain victory for the empire - written under the red disc.

Soldier's Support Oranization, Tokyo Chapter. Nishiyama ?

Looks highly suspicious. The phrases sound suspicious, the writing looks suspicious, the emptiness of the flag makes it feel sad rather than something a school or factory or neighborhood would present to a departing soldier. The addressee is completely illegible to me, which I find strange as usually one would expect the writer to take great care in writing the addressee's name. But this could be a question of skill in deciphering handwritten letters on my part.
Thank you! I'm certainly not an expert (obviously!) and the flag isn't vet purchased. But aged is consistent throughout and from a very old collection. Possibly one of the flags created wartime by a G.I., Marine or Sailor to sell to rear echelon souvenir seekers?
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