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News Shrine and temples burgled


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
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Perhaps it's related to the economic slump caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but these days shrines and temples seem to be burgled more often. Today, the police released a video of a 3-week (!) operation that culminated in the thief's arrest in Saitama: he had stolen coins from several shrines. His loot: 655 yen. The officers had been lurking under tarps for over 4 hours, some of them in camouflaged sniper suits.

Source: Saitama's finest catch coin thief at shrine after multi-week stakeout

Those two were also filmed, got away with 30,000 yen but turned themselves in when the video was released.

1,500 yen in this case in Yokohama:

I have seen a young guy in our neighbourhood temple fishing for coins with a "sticky belt" and an older fellow manipulating the donation box at a nearby shrine during the New Year holidays who ran off after our dog started barking at him. I wonder what sentences they receive when caught.
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