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Should I sell my Chinese stuff?

I dont know much about it but it depends on what you wanted from the magazine, like if it is mostly to see the images, content etc, you could keep it but if you wanted to know details of what is stated there you could sell
If you don't want them you could try to put them up for sale. No idea what kind of market there is for them.

I used to collect National Geographics and some Tech and PC magazines, ultimately I think I either gave them away, donated to charity or recycled them
I keep the magazines because there are some good looking women pictures in the magazines, even though I don't understand the language...
You should sell them if you don't want them. I know there's a big market for Asian magazines in general especially if they have pretty women. I like to collect a lot of Japanese magazines myself. I'm sure it won't be long till you get a buyer😉
In my religion, it is taught that angels won't enter home, where there are pictures of living creatures in it... You guys believe in angels?
The problem is, where to sell them though? Who would read those magazines?
Sorry I don't think any of us know what's available in Malaysia. In the U.S. I would use Facebook Marketplace or ebay for something like that.
The problem is, where to sell them though? Who would read those magazines?
Isnt there an Ebay alike alternative in Malaysia? Similar to Amazon, Rakuten etc but for used itens

Many countries have their own 'retailer' websites that work almost identically to Ebay, you could see if there is one in Malaysia
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