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News S. Korean organisation awards Japanese researcher

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14 Mar 2002
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It shouldn’t really make headlines but these days it does. Anyhow, here are news we like. :)

A South Korean cultural exchange organization under the South Korean Foreign Ministry gave an award Friday to Hiroshi Nakao, a Japanese researcher of Korean envoys to Japan between 17th and 19th century, for his contribution to promoting civil exchanges between the two countries.

Nakao, an 85-year-old visiting professor at Kyoto University of the Arts, became the first Japanese to receive the biannual award of the Korea Foundation since it was established in 2008, with ties between South Korea and Japan currently soured over a host of bilateral issues.
The award is given to individuals and organizations who promote awareness and a better understanding of South Korea in the global community, according to the foundation. "Through 40 years of research on the history of Korea-Japan exchange, Professor Nakao has contributed significantly to the enhanced understanding of Korea by Japanese citizens and the broadening of civic exchanges between Korea and Japan," the foundation said in a statement.

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