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Question about a signature


22 Jun 2021
Hi there,

I was wondering if it's possible to find/track this family or the person itself from the sword signature..


So it's Nakatani(or Nakaya) Kamataro son of Jurozaemon right?

If i want to try to track them, how should i search it..Nakatani is the family/clan name? Was Kamataro written as first name of the person or just as in swordsman? Do you think he would be a samurai or merchant/farmer?

Thank you very much!
Yes, the inscription translation is correct. Nakatani is the family name, and Kamatarō is the first/given name.
Sorry to say that Nakatani is a somewhat common last name, so it would be extremely difficult to trace the descendents of the original owner of this sword. Equally impossible to determine what his exact social status was, but you can imagine he was someone with some wealth since he could afford the sword, and could afford the special inscription on it.
Thank you! So according to the signature, might this be a gift from his dad to a son? Or is it normal to use fathers name on the signature?
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