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Subaru (昴) (すばる) (The Pleiades Constellation ) is another well-known karaoke song.

Osaka Shigure (大阪しぐれ) (おおさか しぐれ) (Autumn Rain Shower) is another well-known karaoke song.

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Movies about Japan

The 1954 Godzilla movie is the best-known Japanese movie of all time. Here is a version dubbed into English. Raymond Burr (Perry Mason) appears at 57:06!

Below is a Japanese-language version with English subtitles.

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Here is an interesting video on the man who played Godzilla in the movie. The video calls him the most famous Japanese actor of all time (a curious idea to consider).
I don't buy it. Hard to be famous if you're unknown. :unsure:
There is a 'Godzilla Hotel' in Tokyo which has — what else? — a Godzilla room, complete with Godzilla's hand sticking out of the ceiling, an animatronic Godzilla head, and various other things on display.

The Godzilla Hotel would not be complete without a Godzilla Restaurant (including a giant Godzilla head right outside the window which you can wave at while eating dinner).

There is a Godzilla Cafe in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The lady orders a pastry with Mothra wings that actually move (watch the wings move from 3:16.)

People in America who want to visit a Godzilla store don't have to go to Japan. There is a store called Monster Island Toys in Chicago. This store has models of Godzilla normally sold only in Japan, which the store owner has especially imported from Japan.

For those of you with a compulsive need to buy a Godzilla T-shirt, not to worry, there are a number of Godzilla stores around Japan. Here is a store in Tokyo

Below is a video of a Godzilla store in Osaka. Everyone needs a five-foot-tall Godzilla plastic model, don't they? They even have Godzilla hot sauce for your dining pleasure. (Would you pay $12,000 US for a metal bust of Godzilla?)

Here is a video of photos of Momoko Kochi (河内桃子), the actress in the 1954 Godzilla movie.

Below is another video of photos of Momoko (in Japanese, no English subtitles) I think it is Momoko's voice that is narrating the video, but I am not sure.

Richard Chamberlain played the main character John Blackthorn in the movie Shogun. Here is a video of him being interviewed about his role in the movie. During the interview, he gives a good deal of insight into the Japanese culture.

I read Shogun in 6th or 7th grade and was spellbound by it. The miniseries didn't quite live up to James Clavell's writing but it was worth a watch when I got sick and stayed home for several days. I hear his other books aren't quite as good, but I found King Rat to be harrowing, and I could barely put it down until I finished it.
Anyone who is interested in Japan or planning to visit Japan absolutely must read the book Shogun. Copies of it are available at my local used-book store in America for as little as four dollars. In addition, the book can be viewed for free as an e-book on the website linked to below. I used my public library ID and I was able to pull up the book.

The actor who played the Shogun in Shogun was 三船敏郎 (みふね としろ) (Toshiru Mifune), an absolute legend in Japanese cinematography.

Here is a very quick look at many of Toshiru Mifune's movies in his 48-year career. (I have heard he made over 100 movies.) Take a look at the expression on Mifune's face at 4:40. This is the crazed expression that most of us remember him by.

Akira Kurosawa was one of the greatest movie directors of all time. Kurosawa the director and Mifune the actor teamed up to be an incredible director-actor duo for 16 masterpieces.

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