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Please read signature and seal


17 Jan 2018
Please read signature and seal from a kakejiku.
Added a color variation that might help.
Only partly solutions or guesses are welcome too.


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楓谿 - Fukei

Probably the artist Nakatani Fukei
Thanks a lot.
I had guessed 楓 but could not find painters with a likely second character.
With the full name "中谷楓谿" google only finds a very recently sold kakjiku, maybe that explains it:
The signature is the same, the seal different. [attached]
Do you have any details on 中谷楓谿 ?
[Full picture attached]
Any guess as to what characters/creatures are around the goban?


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The writing in black ink, and the bottom part of the red seal, both say 楓谿.
The top part of the red seal I have yet to figure out.
The red seal you posted above also says 楓谿 (as does the black ink).

I couldn't find anything other than auction site results, either.
As I understand it the two small figures are oni, shown by having horns, loincloths and being blue and sort of red. But who would the big friendly guy be, who apparently is beating them?
[or would this belong to another section...]
My guess would be Hotei (one of the 7 lucky Gods). But I'm not sure.
Thanks, I will try to find Hotei in conection with oni on the internet....
The cupboard behind him seems curious since the goban (rock or trunk of a tree?) suggests it is a rural scene.
There is a crown on the top shelf of the cupboard, and you can see a kanji 王 is written at the front of the crown. It looks like Enma Daiō's crown to me.

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That is an option I had discarded once because of his clothing, but now that I have a second look, I think it must be him considering the (Chinese style?) cupboard. As it is written on this site about fuda:
"In Japan, he is invariably depicted wearing Chinese style clothing and surrounded by Chinese style furnishings and trappings of officialdom". That site also shows more pictures of him with a similar crown:
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