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  1. Acoyauh

    Translation of a sword signature

    Hello, This sword is being offered, really cheap. I do not expect it to be nihonto, of course, but I would like to try and figure out its manufacture to see if it's worth getting it for practice. I'm aware that some (bad) China swords carve Japanese-looking gibberish to pass them as nihonto or...
  2. thomas

    FAQ Signature Permissions

    Below find an overview over the signature permissions per usergroup currently in place: Signature PermissionsRegisteredKouhaiSempaiDonor Edit Signature YESYESYESYES Images NOYES (1)YES (3)YES (5) Lists NONOYESYES Links NOYES (1)YES (2)YES (5) Media NONONOYES Chars 75100125150 Lines 23410...