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  1. Ger

    Help 16 arhat, who painted this curious scroll

    Please see this curious scroll depicting the 16 arhat. Would it be possible to find the artist? What does the text say? In the first picture: lid interior text + scroll text + seal at the bottom + lid exterior text. Thanks for your help.
  2. Ger

    Please read two seals from old scroll

    Please read the two seals from this old kakejiku. If uncertain an educated guess might help. Mount Fuji is in the distance (not shown here). Any clue as to the painter or the period of the painting?
  3. Ger

    Please read signature and seal

    Please read signature and seal from a kakejiku. Added a color variation that might help. Only partly solutions or guesses are welcome too.
  4. Andrew Shipp

    Scroll Translation Help

    Hello everyone, I've had this old scroll for a few years now. Just remembered I had it after finding it in a recent move. I've always wondered what exactly it said. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. - Andrew
  5. L

    Translating a calligraphy scroll into English

    Hello all, I've just come into possession of this calligraphy scroll and would like to know what it means! Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lewis
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