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Past tense


8 Apr 2004
Dear native English speakers,
would you check my sentences, please?

1 I bought this phone at this shop.
2 Mike broke a windowpane of our classroom yesterday.
3 Nancy and Jane left Japan last week.
4 Judy lost the tennis match on Sunday.
5 The police caught the robber three days ago.
6 I cut my finger last week.
7 The company built his bridge last year.
8 He sold his car two months ago.
9 I felt sad when we lost the game.
10 Fred found a wallet in the nearby park.
11 His parents put the present on his desk last night.
12 I met Tom at this restaurant last Saturday.
13 I met Mary here yesterday morning.
14 My aunt bought a car last month.
15 She left here last week.
16 I sold my house two years ago. (houseはhome でもOK)
17 She cut her nails last night.
18 My grandfather caught a lot of fish yesterday.
19 The company built this building eight years ago.
20 My uncle broke his left leg last week.
21 The professor found this ancient pot here.
22 We lost the soccer game yesterday.
23 They put twenty balls in the box.
24 Did he lose the game? Yes, he did.
25 Did you put this book on my desk? Yes, he did.
26 Did he buy a new bike? Yes, he did.
27 Did the people build this big wall? No, they didn't.
Oh, I made some foolish mistakes. Thanks, mdchachi.

My PC sometimes works weirdly and drops some letters like "t".
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