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Osama Bin Laden: Dead

Yukiko chan

18 May 2008
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My question is; Why is religion so often full of hatred?

Not just religion (traditional religions at least), but all sectarian ideologies wherein a minority of people are favored over the rest of the humanity... this concerns political ideologies like Nazism (favoring the "Aryan race" over other "races"), or Stalinism, traditional religions like Christianity and Islam ("salvation" would only be granted to those who follow a certain mindset and lifestyle, whereas the rest would be damned), and nationalism (which may take the form of a benign love for one's place of birth, but does often turn into blind support for the interests of one's country of birth or residence -which is quite shortsighted in my opinion, because the interests of a small human community are not to be separated from those of the human race as a whole-, if not total xenophobia and refusal of anything "foreign", and can be easily exploited by those in power to tame the population or gain their support for a cause -war against terrorism for example, often against their own interest)... but it's also true for other ideologies of which the implementation implies segregation and privilege for the few, even when their principles do not implicitly advocate such segregation (capitalism for example)...

I'm not sure how the psychology behind such hatred could be accounted for, but I think that if our species were to avoid total or partial destruction in the next few centuries, such ideologies will have to root out their dangerous components and incorporate relativism into themselves, and those that are unable to do so will have to disappear or at least be contained within a negligible minority of the human population...


the broken heart
9 Feb 2010
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hellooooo guys
nice topic ,
but who think that osama is dead , he is wrong
who died is only a soldier in unequal war between good and evil
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