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News North Korean trash lands at Japanese embassy in Seoul đź’©


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14 Mar 2002
Just luck or perfect aim? One of some 260 trash balloons from North Korea landed on the roof of a high-rise where the Japanese Embassy is located in Seoul.

Plastic bags filled with trash and other waste were attached to balloons that began arriving in South Korea on 28 May. According to the Ministry of National Defence, the balloons were sent from North Korea and carried no human excrement. Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, referred to the balloons as "gifts of sincerity." This aerial campaign is believed to be a response to 20 balloons flown by defectors in South Korea on 10 May, which contained leaflets criticizing Kim Jong Un and K-pop videos.

Apparently, Mr Kim was also quite displeased over the regional summit China, Japan, and South Korea held in Seoul a few days ago.

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