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Need help translating a WWII Flag

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Paul D Kinney

23 Nov 2020
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My grandfather served in the Philippines and and he brought a Japanese flag home. I am hoping to find help translating it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you, Paul Kinney
South Carolina, USA

Far right says
祈武運長久, a phrase which is near universal to these flags. "Good luck in battle"
Next to that is the name of the recipient of the flag 進藤國治君 Shindō Kuniharu-kun.
Most of the rest of the writings are names, with a few patriotic slogans mixed in.
Thank you so very much! Can you share the translations for the patriotic slogans? Also, is there a date or time reference of any kind?
忠勇義烈 Chūyū giretsu (loyalty and righteousness)
祈御敢闘 Inoru gokantō (pray for brave/fierce fighting)
祈御健康 Inoru gokenkō (pray for your health)

All on the lower left side of the flag.

No date reference, other than the patriotic/war slogans.
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