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Learning kanji compounds

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9 Jun 2019
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Answer me this question according to your experience: in order to learn the meaning of kanji compounds is better to learn separately the meaning of each kanji or learn them as one?
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You must do both. It is like asking; what is more important, vowels or consonants.

But, having said that, kids learn kanji one by one, and gradually build up their vocabulary to include compound words.
I would focus more on words (compounds) than kanji. You risk spending excess time memorizing esoteric pronunciations that are rarely used if you focus on individual kanji.
Thanks both of you for your reply.anybody have more answers about this matter?
I think they go hand in hand - two sides of the same coin. Take a little time to learn about the kanji part of which is learning a bit about how it's used including vocabulary.

Learning the compounds is important because it gives you some real/practical context for your brain to grab onto.

But learning the kanji in isolation is also important because as you get into the language, attempting to understand texts from a wide range of contexts, you'll undoubtedly see the kanji used in compounds that you don't know. If you know the kanji, you can read words you've never been taught - and this means your actually literate in Japanese (that's what we all want to achieve).
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