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News Kishida refused to meet departing Chinese envoy


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14 Mar 2002
In February, PM Kishida declined to meet former Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou before the latter's departure, multiple sources have confirmed, in an unusual move that indicates the degree of strain on bilateral relations.

Kong Xuanyou

The former Chinese envoy to Japan, Kong Xuanyou

Several of Kong's predecessors met Japanese leaders to bid farewell. Still, the sources said Kishida broke the custom amid worsening public sentiment amid Chinese vessels' repeated entry into waters near the Tokyo-controlled Senkaku Islands and the past flights of suspected Chinese spy balloons over Japan. The request for an in-person farewell by Kong, succeeded by former Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Wu Jianghao in March, was made to the Japanese government around January. Still, they said Tokyo declined, citing a "schedule conflict" for Kishida.

I honestly believe if there is ever a WWIII , China will be the cause of it. I hope I never live to find out.
Why Japanese companies went over into China to make their products still puzzles me till this very same day.
China and Japan will always be enemies of each other always.
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