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JLPT Kanji Level N5; Part 7 ✍️KANJI for Beginners


13 Nov 2021
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Welcome back to this video series where we are learning ALL kanjis from the level 5 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (日本能力試験).
In this video we will learn 10 kanjis including some animals and weather vocabulary among other concepts 🐴 🐟 ☔
Watch out for the instructions for the ideal stroke order as well as my suggestions to help you write each character nice and correctly.

You will find a quiz to test your listening skills at the end of this video.
Listen to the dictation as many times as you need and then, answer them depends on your case.
The script or answers of the dictation is in the very bottom of this explanation place, just in case you need it. But I hope you can do it without seeing it.
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