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Japanese RMA Beyond Warranty Period For Special Circumstances

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15 Feb 2020
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So I bought a TV from a very widely known, and reputable +18 Japanese AV/Hentai/VideoGame/StreamingPlatform company a few years back (I'm pretty sure you know them, you see their advertisements, and billboards every day),the panel suddenly began to smell like plastic, the LCD began to melt on the bottom corner, until it finally warped, and cracked the glass.

The issue with this (besides it being an obvious fire hazard) is the fact that the TV only came with a one year warranty.

The question for this predicament is: Will the company replace the set given that it was a flaw with the design of the LCD panel itself?

I ask all you JREFers, has a Japanese company ever repaired your articles/electronics beyond the warranty period if there was a preexisting flaw in their design?

What are your stories?

I know that in the West it is commonplace for companies to honor their electronics beyond a warranty period if there was an inherent flaw within the product. In the event that the company does replace the panel, I am also weary of a relapse given that it has to do with the screen itself.

What do fam?

No product history recall for this issue, I checked online.


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