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I may be able to assist you here in Japan.


28 Jun 2021
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Male, age 54, I live in Yokohama.
My English is just ok... :)

I may be able to assist you here in Japan if you are looking for someone to help you for your business.

I lived in Singapore 2 years, Malaysia more than 10 years, I work for travel related companies.
A few families from foreign countries appointed me as their local guide to take them around Japan. (my English is not excellent but just ok... :)

Visited cities and countries are several cities in US, Mexico City in Mexico, San Juan in Puerto Rico, Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Gold Coast/Perth in Australia, Johannesburg/Port Elizabeth in South Africa, Madrid/Balcelona in Spain, Paris in France, Amsterdam in Netherland, Frankfurt in Germany, London in UK, Doha in Qatar, Dubai, Delhi/Bangaluru in India, several cities in China, Incheong in Korea, Hong Kong, several cities in Taiwan, Yangon in Myanmar, several cities in Thailand, Vientiane in Laos, several cities in Vietnam, Jakarta/Denpasar in Indonesia, Manila in Philippines etc.

Now I am a freelance, importing goods from China and selling them online platform such as Amazon Japan, Yahoo shopping, Qoo10 and so on in Japan.
I am also a Hand Carrier to bring goods from Japan to several countries in the world upon request, it's always emergency, I am just back from Chicago, US.
(vaccine done during my stay! :)

Currently I received an inquiry from Mexico that they wanted to import some Kawaii items from Japan, I am looking for them especially from Daiso 100 yen shop. :)

Let me know if you need someone here in Japan.
Maybe we can be a partner in the near future, honestly I am looking for money too. :>

Thank you and best regards.
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