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NEOSAGE Electric-Assist Bike ネオサゲ 電動アシスト自転車

Giun Trym

19 Dec 2019
Reaction score
Bought in July 2019 for ¥79,680
Bike is in completely good condition
Sell ‎¥65,000 + bike papers
こ日は!私は福岡県小郡市に勉強しています。英語ができますが、日本語は少しい分かりますだけ。2020年1月9日に国へ帰りますから、すべてのものを売りたいです。Hi, I'm a student living in Ogori-shi, Fukuoka. I can speak English but can only understand a bit of Japanese. I'm going back to my country on 9th January 2020 so I'm selling all of my stuffs.
Contact: facebook.com/giang.giun.3
Reply quickly on Instagram: @giuntrym.irl
Tell: +81-70-1275-8094


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