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News Hundred Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine

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14 Mar 2002
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Stupid old men doing stupid old things: today, some one-hundred lawmakers visited the controversial Yasukuni Shrine, on 7 December of all days, the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbour.* I wonder if the mumpsimuses** of the Hosoda/Abe faction will succeed in pressuring PM Kishida to visit Yasukuni, too.

Victims of Japanese aggression during the first half of the 20th century, especially Chinese and Koreans, see Yasukuni Shrine as a symbol of Japan's militarism because it honours its war dead, including convicted war criminals. Visits and donations to the shrine by Japanese political leaders are seen by critics as a sign of a lack of remorse over the country's wartime actions. South Korea's Foreign Ministry expressed "deep concern and regret" on Tuesday over the "large-scale" visit to a shrine that "beautifies Japan's colonial pillage and war of aggression." It said in a statement that Japan instead should show "humble reflection and sincere remorse" about its wartime past to win back the trust of the international community. Hidehisa Otsuji, a senior member of Kishida's party, said the group prayed to the spirits of the war dead to protect Japan from the coronavirus pandemic.


* Japan commemorates Pearl Harbour on 8 December.
** My new favourite word to refer to the blockheads of the LDP gerontocracy.
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