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How to remove permanent marker from cloth?

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18 Jan 2005
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服についた油性マジックや油性ボールペンの簡単な落とし方 ライフハック 裏ワザ|How to make remove an ink splotch of a permanent marker

nail polish remover

here may be much one using nail-enamel remover to drop manicure. An organic solvent called "acetone" is included in nail-enamel remover of the manicure. It is an ingredient to dissolve a material when I easily say an organic solvent and I dissolve even the oil content and can drop it.

However, as for the nail-enamel remover melting to material for the solvent which power to dissolve a thing resists, and being accompanied by the trace which melted such as the whitish trace. Therefore it is important to confirm whether it is the material which you may use before using it. When I use nail-enamel remover for the material which is easy to melt such as plastic in particular or leather products, it is necessary to be careful so that a trace is not outstanding.

Cleansing oil
The cleansing oil means the oil which is used to drop cosmetics. Because the ingredient called "an emulsifier" is included in the pain raising oil, I can drop the ingredient of cosmetics. Furthermore, it is useful for dropping the ink of the oiliness pen as I can dissolve the oil.
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