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How to operate Tokyo gas ma-a150dfh


14 Nov 2020
Hi dears, I just bought the Tokyo gas but all written in Japanese and even I used translation but still i don't know how to operate it. If you can help me please would appreciate it

As in the attached picture when it reach to 21c that light flashes

And I don't know how to turn on auto save.
And is there a way to make it turn off when it reach to specific degree
Thanks a lot


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The picture is showing the current temperature. The setting temperature probably displays when you are setting the temperature with the plus/minus.

エアクリーンButton on far left turns on air clean mode, hi and low.
おはよう button sets a timer for the heater to turn on up to 24 hours later using the plus/minus buttons.
If you have kids and want to lock the controls press plus/minus simultaneously.
Right-side button is on/off of course.
I think the auto-save is automatic. It will reach the set degree and maintain it BUT in order to save energy it will reduce the set temperature by a degree every 30 minutes. Otherwise I think you have to turn it off. I don't think you can have it turn off as soon as it reaches the set temperature.
If the filter light is on like it is in your photo then you should clean the filter.
The manual is here.
Thanks guys, appreciate your help, we found out that it doesn't have filter, when we drag out the filter slide its empty
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