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CHIJO!! (or How To Make Love on A Train)

sorry for bumping up the thread, but I found an article and I thought about this thread.

Pervy female groper revels in carnal commuting
“I love cute gals. And when I see one that I like while on the train, I’ll try to sidle over and rub against her.”
Yes, yes, we all know about Japan’s notorious chikan (gropers). But this contribution to last August’s edition of Ai no Taiken Special Deluxe is composed by a chijo (female pervert). And what she has to say about her friendly frolics aboard crowded morning commuter trains is enough to give Shukan Bunshun’s (Oct. 13) mostly male readership a collective woody.

“At first,” she continues, “just making contact and rubbing up against them was enough to satisfy me. Because they were women too, they were not on their guard and never suspected me of groping. But gradually I became ...

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I heard from my friend that some high school girls will extort you for money. If you dont pay, they will claim that you molested them.
I dont know if that is true.
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