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Hashimoto family crest

Karen Hashimoto

27 Mar 2023
Upon my dad's passing I found a piece of silk with this symbol on it. My family was interned in the camps during WW2 and I was happy this survived, as they lost almost all their possessions. Is there a way to confirm this is our family crest?
Thank you for your help


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Sorry, Karen, but that is the crest of the Hongwanji Buddhist denomination in Japan. Search for Hongwanji crest on Google and you'll see several examples.
The crest is called 九条藤 Kujō Fuji or 西六条藤 Nishi Rokujō Fuji. Indeed it's a crest of Nishi Hongan-ji, some Ōtani-ha temples or the head priest Ōtani family of Ōtani-ha, but it's also used by other families (Kujō family, for example), so it can be your family crest.

A family crest is not used by only one clan, except a very special one. Similarly, all the families/clans of the same family name do not always use the same, only one family crest. Thus, it's nearly impossible to confirm if it's your family crest only by your family name Hashimoto.
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