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4 Mar 2016
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I worked with the engineering software, AutoCad 2008 for about seven years, with Catia for four years, and now am working with Rhinoceros for three years. These are some of my designs with Rhino. I didn't use any pattern or picture, and they are my designs. Of course, I can change them (except the car body) to industrial ones with the necessary details and dimensions for manufacturing.





Very nice, Mansoor! Is this related to your work or “just” a passion?
Thank you Mr. thomas

No, that is not related to my work, though I Joined two Persian freelancing websites recently as a designer and translator but during the months I earned a very little money.

The jobs there are mostly translation, programming for phone and websites, designing logo and banner, creating content for websites and Instagram, or architectural things. I basically dislike translation and usually don't accept translation projects.
I always drink tea & coffee (I mix tea and coffee together to get more energy) in a glass cup. A few days ago I designed this colorful and beautiful ceramic cup for myself. At present, it is a notional thing but its sample can be made by a developed 3D printer.

Looks great, Mansoor! Coffee and (black) tea mixed? Powerful stuff. ;)
Thank you Mr. thomas

Yes, It is about two years that I drink coffee in addition to tea. I previously drank black tea solely, but I added coffee to the drink later. Of course, I mix a little coffee with tea ( a small spoon), and this doesn't make a dense mixture. I drink the mild coffee-tea mixture four or five times every day.
This is an eyeglasses case. Basically, I follow my own imagines and don't imitate other designs

This time I designed one of the beautiful and intelligent sea beings, a dolphin. It has a close and friendly relationship with humans, and there is no evidence to prove this cute and playful sea animal has taken a human in trouble.

Conversely, it is human (some pitiless humans) who hurts this sea friend for earning money or even entertainment!

If it was possible to take this beautiful and clever sea fish as a pet, it could be one of the best home pets and replaced with a dog because of its high intelligence and understanding. Some of these tongueless sea animals die because of trapping in the fixed nets and ropes that fishermen set up in the seashores. Some other fishermen hunt this friend beast by fishing spear pitilessly. Are these lovely and intelligent animals like dangerous white sharks, tigers, or wolves should be killed uselessly?

I even watched a newsy footage that made me very sad! A group of the Faroe island people of Denmark kills 1400 dolphins in a day every year due to a wrong old tradition!

I found one of the sources of the news (you can also google the tragic images relative to the news):

Why do these stupid, ignorant, and heartless people this historical slaughter (excuse me, I'm angry at them)?

Why do they kill these beautiful sea beings so barbaric and inhumanly because of a very wrong and beastly tradition?

What is the guilt of these innocent dolphins should be killed so cruelly?

Is there any international or organization to prevent the people stop this annual slaughter of innocent dolphins? Why the government of Denmark is silent against this great damage to nature that does the wild people?

Yes, I agree that an assassin or terrorist who has killed a person or group of people should be sentenced to death in the court, based on the appeal of the family of the victim. But what is the crime of the faultless dolphins that are killed so blindly and cruelly?

If the founder of this horrible custom was alive now he would be worthy to be trialed in a court, (sadly he has died hundreds ago and is inaccessible now ).

However, let me leave the subject and show you the design that is the statue of a dolphin. I created it in honor of these cute beings after watching the news.


Also the 3D file of this design is available for 3D printer. If any of you kind people want to buy it (30 $) I will gladly accept :)

Of course this dolphin hasn't eye and you can use two nuts (artificial eyes) instead of its eyes after making a prototype with 3D printer.
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I hope I am not a troublesome user in the Jerf forum, and you get not bothering that I send some of my 3D works here, while JF is a website relative to the English, Japanese, and Chinese language. Because I don't know Japanese and Chinese at all, I have to post some comments other than the main topics of the website. So If you think I should stop sending my 3D works or have similar advice, please let me know.

Thank you

I made closer steps toward a whole engineering design, and after the day and nights of effort, I finally could design this part of the car body based on some systematical techniques. At this stage, it was an exercise, not an attempt for designing a producible object. There are many things that I have to learn to succeed to arrive the real industrial world. Now I'm regretful why I didn't go to university years ago to receive my formal degree in engineering ( I remained diploma), but past failures don't stop me now, and most probably, I will become a self-educated engineer in the future.

It is good to know, I didn't learn anything from teachers or mentors about how to work with the engineering software. I learned them by myself (even English language), and for designing this part of the car or aircraft, I discovered the complex techniques by myself, and nobody taught me. I also didn't use any picture as a pattern for designing this part of the car and plane.


A small individual training jet plane.



This is a probable space or interplanetary taxi in the future (for example in 2100 ! ). At the time probably people can travel to other planets. Of course, they have to have some things along with; Oxygen, food, water, and the special space costumes to protect them against the great heat (300 degrees) and cold (-257 degrees) of the various planets in the solar system.

( the earth is the planet of life and we cannot find something like it in space. If we are situated on some planets like Jupiter we will never forget their horrible environment and atmosphere. So it is better we realize the worth of the earth's gifts, stay here and don't destroy its beauties with various pollution. We should halter the industries!)

A copper pot belonging to the Indian people usually is used as a container of milk.


Unfortunately, thousands of stray monkeys that have occupied the cities of India and prowl in the streets and neighborhoods often go to the houses of Indians stealthy and eat their foods and drinks and ruin the furniture and tools, especially in the kitchens.

The simple people don't encounter them seriously and don't kick back them from their house, because the Buddhists consider monkeys and cows as holy beings (while they steal their stuff)!!

I watched in a movie an Indian man was carrying a container of milk in the back of his bike. He stopped to buy something from a shop. He parked his bike beside a wall and went into the shop. A group of monkeys threw the bicycle to the ground. The milk container overturned and the milk flowed on the sidewalk and the monkeys began licking the milk!

In most situations, the monkeys are left free, but sometimes an angry Indian who lost his food or a monkey has broken one of his valuable things captures them.
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This time I designed an automobile. By the way, It became similar to American car brands; maybe Chevrolet.


American cars have always been large and powerful with complicated engines and other systems. I even know some of the American cars have had eight cylinders and 16 valves!

Such the powerful engines produced a high thrust and speed ( although the high weight of the old American cars affected such the powerful engines negatively) but they had two considerable problems along:

1- Consuming a lot of fuel.
2- repairing those engines was troublesome and expensive due to replacing a lot of parts and machinery.
3-Pulloting environment.

Today is different from the past decades. The world will engage in an oil crisis and the amount of extracted oil will not satisfy the needs of people and industries.

Soon, the price of oil will rise, despite the policies of all oil producer organizations and companies to keep oil prices stable. It is my prediction, and usually, I don't mistake in such foreseeing.

I heard recently; Turkish government multiplied the price of gasoline in that country, and I think this will happen in other countries one after another, soon.

Today, the automobile companies should be adapted to the crisis and ignore manufacturing large cars with high consumption. The British company, Mini Mainer, which manufactures small cars, will be more successful than the famous automobile companies and it will have better sales than those giant companies.
At the time, having a motorcycle will be more desirable for the public than having a Lamborghini!

Just now, I wish to have a new motorcycle instead of the old car that should have been retired ten years ago! I always am in cation it turns not off in the middle of streets. LOL

Thankfully it's been about 20 years since I had a car that wasn't reliable. But I remember those times, being afraid the car will stall at an inconvenient time such as at a traffic light with many cars waiting behind me. I'm not sure if cars are more reliable or I have just been able to afford newer cars since then.
I got my first car in high school at age 15 (got my license at 14). The car was a 1960 Ford with almost 200,000 miles on it. Every other week it was in the garage for repairs. The warning lights in the dash kept coming on and my dad said ignore them and don't bother him if they came on. My high school was about 4 miles from my house and one day when school let out I headed home. A warning light came on saying "oil" and I ignored it like my dad said to. turns out the oil pump had failed. By the time I got home I had the gas pedal all the way to the floor and the car was roaring and only going 5 miles an hour. They towed it too the garage and the man their called my dad and said "boy that engine must have got hot" ! The pistons were melted into the block and off it went to the junk yard.
It was an interested memory, Uncle Frank :)

First of all, let me explain something. That man similar to Al Capone is not me!

I sometimes become tired of writing (not just here, but everywhere). In such cases, I write or choose some humor and add to my article, story, or comment. I frequently decided to leave this habit but couldn't!
I can't stay in a mood seriously for a long time! When I add humor to my writings, it refreshes me, gives me a cheerful mood, and takes me away from impatience and depression.

A few days ago, I wrote a part of the mystery-horror story and sent it to WritingForum.com ( I joined this website a few years ago, but I drop in the forum occasionally). At the end of the piece, I began writing humor!!

One of the senior members who read the part of the story said to me, I love the mysterious opening part, but I don't think linking humor to the piece was interesting!

However, I wanted to inform you, I sometimes add humor to my comments involuntary!
(some things that seem humorous to me)

I know this manner of commenting seems weird to you, but please don't think I send some things maliciously or mockingly.

My car is the same brand and model, but that man has renewed his car completely to show it beside other similar cars in a showplace. He is similar to the American men, who love the old American cars or motorcycles and spend money to renew them wholly and show them in a public exhibition.


I was embarrassed to show the picture of my car because it needs a lot of things.
In the early 80's , big 4 wheel drives were popular. My dad owned a big automotive company where they rebuilt engines. A customer ordered a big racing engine setup for his Corvette , but couldn't pay for it. I put the engine in my truck. I ran the warehouse for the company that bought & sold at "warehouse" cost , very inexpensive. I bought around $5000 US parts to put on my truck , like big tires and a winch and high powered lights. It weighed so much and with the big engine , it only got 7 miles to a gallon of gas. When the cost of gas got to high and I was driving over a 100 miles to work everyday , I could no longer afford to keep it. It's been almost 50 years and I still miss that truck , LOL. It looked like the one in this picture , only mine was blue. It was like mountain climbing to get in and out of it.GMCJimmy.jpg
This type of old Golf Volkswagen was the first car I bought when I was 21 years old. It broke down because of leaking and lacking oil, just like the car of young Uncle Frank!

Of course, there was a difference; I didn't know an engine needs something that is called oil!


This old Citroen was the second (it was not so new and neat). In the earlier time that I delivered it to the car wrecker, nobody could turn on or drive it except me! It hadn't a gas pedal. I pushed my foot on a thin rod that was connected to the engine!

It is good to know, its carburettor hadn't any screw, and its cap was free on it! Nevertheless, it worked!


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This type of old Golf Volkswagen was the first car I bought when I was 21 years old. It broke down because of leaking and lacking oil, just like the car of young Uncle Frank!

Not trying to be a smart-arse, but that's a VW 1500, not a Golf. The Golf was first produced in 1974 and had a completely different design. 🤓
Hello, Mr. Thomas

The model I bought at that time was this type of car but its back was curvature.


It parked in the corner of a street for a long time, and its owner didn't use it because of leaking oil from its rear crankshaft seal. He told me it was a golf Volkswagen, and I knew nothing about cars, and my greatest dream was to buy a car and drive it in the winter in the rain and snow joyfully.

At that time, I even hadn't a license, and after buying that car, I derived it one or two years without having a license (in the Shah season). One day, I hit a car. I was worried the driver to disembark from his car and call the police, but he didn't get off and escaped!!

Probably he hadn't a license like me, but he supposed I have! LOL

Anyhow, the owner told me, it was a Golf VW.
Now I think he was right because at the time, the new Golf VW didn't exist in Iran, and also the total shape of the new Golf car was similar to the older, approximately. The old car was the granddad of the next new Golfs, and the German engineers had changed it into a new modern model.

After I bought that car, the owner said to me, dear Mansoor, take it to a workshop immediately and replace its worn seal, but my knowledge about technical things was zero, and I paid no attention to his warning. He didn't say; if the car loses oil, I will lose the engine. He probably supposed I had some primitive information about the car, at least!
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The model I bought at that time was this type of car, but its back was curvature. [snip] Anyhow, the owner told me, it was a Golf VW.

Yes, those were VW 1500 or 1600s. I remember my father had one of these, too - very reliable cars. In Iran, he drove a Diane, not the best car to have an accident in. :)
Oh, I remembered now! It was 1600 VW. The wonderful thing is that, whatever I searched the internet I couldn't find that model!
Too bad 3-D printers are so expensive. I bet you could have a good time printing these out as a hobby.
Hi Uncle Frank

It was among my first works to make a human face. I always tried to design mechanical things but making a human statue was my first experience, and I think it was a masterwork for a beginner who neither used a sample nor a picture.

The best software for this purpose is "Zbrush", which makes an expert user able to design animate things with accurate details. I love to design technical objects and am not interested much to create statues.

As far as I know, 3D Max is in the second place, after Zbrush. Making a human or animal statue is possible with 3D Max but not as accurate as Zbrush. Also, some other 3D designing software that works based on the Mesh method has such capability but not like Zbrush or 3D Max.

I made the Chinese character with Rhinoceros. Rhino, Catia, and some other similar software are classified as engineering software for designing technical things but making a human or animal shape are possible with them, as well, though those are in third place in this aspect.

Yes, having an equipped 3D printer is one of my dreams to realize some of my ideas. Its western brands are really pricey, but the Chinese 3D printers are cheaper with the same quality. If I save enough money (although it seems unlikely LOL) I will buy a Chinese one.
I use TinkerCad, an online design tool which is simple and but surprisingly powerful. I bought a 3D printer (Prusa) last year. I thought it would be fun and good for the kids to learn. So far my designs are for practical items like this replacement post for an outside yard light similar to this one. For most items, I usually print other people's designs that I find at thingiverse.com.

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