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30 Jul 2019
Hello, I needed some help translating, "虚像を映す鏡."

This title has received two official English translations in the past, on iTunes it was translated as "A Mirror Reflecting Images" and on Steam it was translated as "Mirror Reflecting a False." However, both translations seem to omit an important detail from the original title, "虚" in regards to the former and "像" for the latter. This is a bit strange because the former loses the context of the images being fake while the later doesn't explain what exactly the "false" being reflected in the mirror is, I suppose the implication would be a false reflection, but it still sounds a bit weird when written out that way in English.

I know that "虚像" in the most literal sense would be "false/virtual image," but I was curious if "illusion" was also a viable translation for it or not. I was thinking that perhaps "A Mirror Reflecting Illusions/an Illusion" might be the most natural way to translate the original text without it losing any of its original meaning.
Clearly somebody screwed up the "false" one. It's incomplete. Personally I think your idea is a better translation than those others.
A false/virtual image could very well be an illusion.
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