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Question 可能形+ものか


8 Dec 2019
The speaker (真那) and her friend (折紙) wanted to enter a military base that they used to belong to. The speaker was asking 折紙 whether they could enter it from the front gate.

Hi. What usage is the bold ものですか? I have seen 「可能形+ない+ものか」in a grammar book but not 「可能形+ものか」.

Thank you.
~ものだ is a set phrase, meaning "it's natural/obvious/reasonable that ~", i.e., this expression has a nuance of "as a common sense/generally speaking". It's not limited to potential forms. ~ものですかね is a question version, something like "Is it reasonable (to think) that we can enter~". In your example, it could be a rhetorical question "I don't think it's reasonable we can enter~".

Hi. Is the above ものなのか the same usage as the op もの?
Thank you.
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