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I think it could be a great song, if they will put some extra care in the guitar riffs and solo to make it more outstanding, now it sounds very unlike X.
I love X because they think about the details and care in their music, but this song lacks that a bit.

What did you think of Jade?
Thank you for the pic spam Yurga :D, Heath is very stylish so cool.

And I am having the same thing with Jade now, I just keep pressing replay to hear it again, it won't get out of my head.
Don't you think Yoshiki looks kind a more slimmer than
usual? And MORE ultra hyper happy?
What a smile what a wide smile~~~~
They are all REALLY are having fun~~

And JADE - i think i am becoming addicted to it~~
I wanna hear studio version~~
As well as Without you studio~

Oh, yeah, and i am glad you liked pictures~
I think when i have new ones i can share there as well,right?
He does look so happy, It seems that they all are enjoying their return to the max ^^.

And I'm sure you already heard the Kurenai with violin intro?
It is so beautifull, and the way the audience reacts just melts my heart, they sound so amazed and surprised.
Kurenai is by far my most favorite song of X, also the first I heard of them and played it non-stop back then, Kurenai was the great introduction to the japanese music scene so this song is kinda special to me.
It makes me very happy they let Sugizo take part in that song in his way and still respect hide.

And offcourse pictures are always welcome ^^, keeps this thread active... hmm I'll see if I have something interesting to share too, though my picture folder isn't very big anymore 😌.

I can't stop listening to it, too~ like Jade~
OMG, I am so love piano and violin sounds~
I realize only now that with Sugizo X has not only a new guitarist
but personally violin sound maker, too~~
(i know that "violin sound maker" sounds funny and strange but i
want to write like that~~~)
I wish that X release whole Kurenai in piano violin version~~~~~
I soooo love X instrumental songs~ yeah, i am stupid, i know, but i
even leaving my pc turned on whole night with playing X instrumentals~~~
ha ha ha, that somehow becomes my habit, but i like it~~
I go to bed with X and wake up with them, too~ Great feeling~
Ok, I am done with my bad English and wanna give you some stuff~
People said that this sound file is from the new X song recording room~
Maybe they are correct, coz I really think i heard Yoshikis voice~

And - one funny thing - X jumps causes earthquakes???
I know that there is big text, but read it~
""Both days and 55000 spectators got drunk and did the be known of two nights of rock band "X JAPAN" that had been done in Tokyo Dome on 2.3 days May continuous live.
It is special product [nanoga] "X jump. " in live of intense X JAPAN especially. When all spectators jump, it is said that the earthquake will happen in the vicinity of the dome this is for the spectator to make his both hands X character according to the tune and to jump. Then, how much will on earth one be the scale of the earthquake that the spectator causes?The scale of the earthquake is shown by the magnitude, and calculated from energy (The unit: J).
If the spectator of 60kg in weight jumped 10cm, energy a spectator (Refer to the textbook of the high school physics for details) :.
60 Kgツ×0.1 mツ×9.8 kg/s^2 = It becomes 59J.
If 55000 spectators have this energy all together, the entire energy :.
59 It becomes Jツ×55000 person = about 3.2 million J.
This corresponds into the energy of the earthquake of about magnitude 1.1. It was correct after all, and an earthquake. I hear that an earthquake of about three (Note: Note it because the magnitude and the seismic intensity are different indices) in the seismic intensity was observed in the vicinity of the dome in live last of 1997 actually.
By the way, it corresponds into the energy of magnitude about 3.4 when all Japanese jump X all together on the same condition.
Of course, the weight of the spectator is not uniform, and not constant the jump power either. In addition, the seismic intensity cannot be indiscriminately said by the difference of the ground because it changes. However, considerable energy can be said it is possible to be made if man cooperates and seriousness is put out.
It was not still effective though it had called for self-imposed control as the dome side installed the item "X jump was not induced" in the recognizance with X JAPAN, and the security guard in the dome raised "The act of jumping was prohibited" and the placard before it started. Live ended and became a disposition of the case consequentially managed safely""
Credits to XFF~~~

Yare yare, sorry for writing so much~
I hope you understand what i wrote~
Yay for X-freaks haha, I'm member there too ^^, only not very often on that site.

That earthquake thing is so funny, got me thinking of that movie "Sinking of Japan" xD.

And I want to watch that youtube link, but got paint in my hair so can't put on the headphone. Have to watch it later :cry: .

Btw, I looked at the pictures you posted again and...
...it reminded me of this one

Probably posted 1.000.000 times before but well XD.
Loved the pixx spams, unfortunately Yurgas two last youtube videos are already removed, they are really on the case atm ... aren't they !? removing all that we post here. Actually it wouldn't surprise me a bit if they checked this site out, just to see what to remove or not !

I'm so fed up with this copy right thing at the moment, if they didn't want the videos to be shown, why would they recorded and publish them at all, it's not like they are done by amateurs, they must have been published officially at least once, so I just don't see the problem *sigh* :eek:
You are member of XFF?
What's your nick there?
And about those two videos~
I am so lucky that i have THAT AWESOME KURENAI INTRO
in my pc~~~ whole video~ hu hu hu hu~~
My name on Xff is *RckchK*, are you with the name "Yurga" there too?
I didn't make the connection before XD, but if you are then you pm'd me there before.

Few, I'm glad too I saved those youtube videos to my Ipod as video and mp3 file.
But I could watch the second link, and I think it is Xjapan too, some think Vuk but it just sounds more like X.
Yeah, i am as Yurga in XFF as well~~

OMG, i can't be calm - i wanna hear new songs now~~
now i tell ya~~ and i wanna some studio version
and i wanna......oh, i want so many things~

Atleast X can make some normal photoshoot~~~~
Awwww, in kimonos~~~ i even drew little sketch:
X members in kimonos or hakamas~
So amazing thing~

(hmz.....i really wrote something like this before.....
or maybe nt there~~..)
got to check that XFF out some day ...
I've been caught up playing a stupid online game for the last 2 weeks,
don't know how that happened really, I'm not a "game type" ... but well, I'm bored.
Anyways, Yoshiki has a serious nosebleed warning @ him, no doubt ...
awhhh ... so cute ...
JADE is amazing. I cannot imagine living without it. It's been approved to be played at the prom ^^ which is the only reason I'm going. also this prom will feature ENDLESS RAIN, KURENAI, DAHLIA, IV and STANDING SEX. this will be a prom to remember. now if only Yoshiki would be my prom date...
he looks a lot happier, i think...
Hi All. Anyone here still trading? Here is my list:


X - 1987.05.20 - Osaka Sensus Hall
X - 1988.06.06 - Shibuya Egg Man - Tokyo 4 Days, Vanishing Tour Vol. 2
X - 1988.06.07 - Shibuya Egg Man - Tokyo 4 Days, Vanishing Tour Vol. 2
X - 1989.06.05 - Aichi Kinsou Kaikan - Special Big GIG, Blue Blood Tour
X - 1989.06.10 - Hibiya Yagai Ongaku Dou Blue Blood Tour
X - 1989.06.13 - Niigata Ongaku Bunka Kaikan Blue Blood Tour
X - 1989.06.07 - Kanesawa Kyouiku Kaikan Blue Blood Tour (52:57)
X - 1989.08.02 - Tokyo MZA 窶猫窶督セ Live on Stage Vol. 2
X - 1989.10.01 - Rose & Blood Tour ツ静・窶佚、电窶氾紘all
X - 1989.10.12 - Municipal Kawasaki Industrial Lyceum Rose & Blood Tour
X - 1989.10.17 - Rose & Blood Tour 窶佚・ツ催」ナ津コツ青カ窶扼窶ケテ?窶ーテッ
X - 1989.10.21 - Rose & Blood Tour ツ神户ナスs窶「ツカ窶ーツサhall
X - 1989.12.03 - Terada Warehouse Rockin F Project Street Fighting Men
X - 1990.03.06 - Shibuya Public Hall Rose & Blood Tour
X - 1990.03.09 - Nagoyashi Koukaidou Rose & Blood Tour
X - 1990.04.11 - Aomori Shimin Kaikan Rose & Blood Tour
X - 1990.05.17 - Osakajo Hall Rose & Blood Tour Additional Performance
X - 1991.09.24 - Sunplaza Hall Violence in Jealousy Tour
X Japan - 1995.11.13 - Dahlia Tour Studio Rehersal
X Japan - 1995.12.24 - Osakajou Hall - Kobe Returns
X Japan - 1996.02.23 - Osakajou Hall - Dahlia Tour 1995-1996


1988.07.19 - X - Sendai Forus Morning Moon Sanketsu GIG - Vanishing Tour Vol.2 (DVD)
1989.03.16 - X - THANX (DVD)
1991.10.18 - X to Nakamatachi - Nissin Power Station 3 Days - 2nd Day (DVD)
1991.07.31 - X - JT SUPER SOUND '91(DVD)
1990.02.04 - X - Nihon Budokan Rose & Blood Tour, Yoshiki Fukkatsu Furiake Kouen (DVD)
1990.05.07 - X - Rose & Blood Tour Final at Nihon Budokan (DVD)
1987.07.18 - X - The Live Station, Meguro (DVD)
1987.12.26 - X - CBS SONY Audition (DVD)
1996.12.29 - X Japan - Dahlia Tour Final Rehearsal (DVD)
1989.03.25 - X - Tateyama Family Park Flower Festival (DVD)
1991.09.23 - X - Joker (DVD)
1989.04.30 - X - Rock Wave 1989
1990.04.29 - X - Rock Wave 1990
4-10-87 - V.A. Skull Thrash Zone Conmemoration GIG (X, Jurassic Jade, Shellshock)
1989.08.12 - X - Pop Hill
1990.04.22 - X - Club Citta Kawasaki (TVK-TV)
X - Club Citta Kawasaki 1989
1987.06.07 - X - Band Explosion`87 [live @ tateyama]
1987.5.18 - X- ツ'YANTA
1996.02.07 - X-JAPAN - DAHLIA TOUR 1995-1996
(1987.XX.XX) X - Sexy Scandal - X - Love Violence (Xclamation)
(1991.09.11) - Extasy Summit 1991 at Nippon Budokan
(1993.05.10) - V.A. - Minna ga Mumei-Datta, Dakedo Muteki-Datta Extasy Summit 1992
TOSHI - Aoi hoshi no tabibito 1997
TOSHI SOLO LIVE - 1993.02.19 and 20th
1989.03.17 - X - SOUND SPECIAL X Shibuya Kokaido LIVE
1990.02.04 - X - pre-stage and on-stage
1992.08.17 - V2 - Special Live VIRGINITY
1995.12.12 - X Japan -THE X DAYS '95 - From X to X Japan (Disc 1)
1995.12.12 - X Japan -THE X DAYS '95 - From X to X Japan (Disc 2)

X on TV

1986 & 1987 - X - Atlethic Meeting 1986 & 1987 Indies Videos
1989.10.20 - X - Kurenai
1989.11.19 - X - Tv Jack! - Toshi Pata Taiji &hide In NewYork - Yoshiki In Paris
1989.10.14 X Japan - Weekend and Blue Blood (Bakufu-Slump's Store)
1989.10.20 - X - MUSIC STATION - Kurenai
1989.8.25 - X JAPAN - Kurenai
1990.03.02 - X - Kurenai
1990.01.26 - X Japan - Endless Rain ( Music Station Live)
1990.03.02 - X - TALK + ENDLESS RAIN + KURENAI
1990.04.27 - X - MUSIC STATION - Week End
1990.4.13 - X - WEEKEND
1991.06.07 X JAPAN - Music Station - Silent Jealousy
1991.08.13 - X - TV JACK VOL 3 - LIVE ONLY IN A DREAM
1991.09.06 - X JAPAN - Silent Jealousy MS
1991.10.11 - X - MUSIC STATION - Yoshiki plays chopain
1991.11.28 - X-Japan - SOUND GiG WEEKLY X Gakuya Uchiage & Egg-man
1991.12.28 - X-Japan - Say Anything (The Best Ten Live)
1991.12.31 - X JAPAN - Silent Jealousy
1992.01.11 - X - Silent Jealousy
1992.07.24 - X JAPAN UNFINISHED Yoshiki's Piano Solo (MUSIC STATION)
1992.12.31- X Japan - Kurenai (Kouhaku)
1993.10.15 - X-Japan - Kurenai + Tears (MS Special From X to X Japan)
1993.12.15 - X-Japan - Tears (Music Journal)
1993.12.24 - X Japan - (Superlive 93) Talk + Tears + X
1994.12.01 - X Japan - Endless Rain
1994.12.16- X Japan - MUSIC STATION - Longing
1994.12.31 - X Japan - Rusty Nail (Kouhaku)
1994-01-02 - X JAPAN (YOSHIKI & TOSHI)
1994-11-25 - X Japan Rusty Nail MS
1995.01.09 - X Japan - HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP
1995.11.22 - X Japan - MEGA MASH TV
1995.11.26 - Oshare Kankei - Yoshiki
1995.12.29 - X JAPAN TV Dahlia (Music Station)
1996.01.08 - X-Japan - (Hey! Hey! Hey!) - Rusty Nail + Endless Rain + DAHLIA
1996.02.09 - X JAPAN - Music Station - Dahlia + Talk
1996.10.15 - X Japan - UTABAN - Crucify My Love
1996.10.23 - MEZAMASHI TEREBI - Album 'DAHLIA' Hatsubai Hi Interview
1997.12.26 - X japan - Kurenai (MS Super Live)
X-Japan - Atlethic meeting, 1986 & 1987 Indies Videos


Casbah - 1986.07.25 - Rehearsal
Casbah - 1987.04.29
Casbah - 1986.05.05 - Meguro Rock-May-Kan, Tokyo, Jurassic Jade follow-up
Loudness - 1986.10.28 - Kulturhaus, Mannheim.rar
Loudness - 1984.12.16 - Hokkaido Japan
Loudness - 1985.04.12 - San Diego
Loudness - 1986.10.19 - Stockholm Sweden
Loudness - 1982.08 - Devil Tradition Tour Rehearsals
Loudness - 1983.07.14 - USA Tour Reseda Country Club
Loudness - 1984.06.20 - Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo (M-MY) (2 CD)
Loudness - 1985.06.30 - Shibuya Hokkaido, Tokyo (2 CD) (TR)
Loudness - 1986.09.07 - War Memorial, Ft Wayne, IND (M-TR 306)
Loudness - 1991.05.31 - Budokhan, Tokyo
Loudness - 2009.04.07 - ClubQuattro
AION - Club Citta Kawasaki - 1989.04.21

If interested PM me or e-mail at coconutmetal@ gmail.com (without the space)

News updated on 2009, December 26th.
♣ X JAPAN Filming in Hollywood
More news about X JAPAN Filming in Hollywood.
♦ X Japan to Appear in Hollywood on January 9
1st U.S. plans after reunion, canceled 2008 tour stop at New York City
BAM! Marketing, Publicity, & Promotions has announced that the X Japan rock group will appear in Hollywood, California on January 9 for one night only. More details will be provided "soon." The group had planned to make a New York tour stop in 2008 before canceling those plans.
X Japan's most notable anime contributions were the songs in the X² music video collection and later X movie. The animation studio Madhouse adapted both productions from CLAMP's X manga. The surviving band members ツ― Toshimitsu "Toshi" Deyama, Yoshiki Hayashi, Tomoaki "Pata" Ishizuka, and Hiroshi "Heath" Morie ツ― reunited in 2007, ten years after they first disbanded and nine years after the death of guitarist Hideto "Hide" Matsumoto.
Hollywood Boulevard to Be Closed for X Japan's Filming
January 9-10 closing at block of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Kodak Theatre
The Navigate Hollywood traffic website reports that all lanes of Hollywood Boulevard between Highland Avenue and Orange Drive will be closed from Saturday, January 9, 2010 at 10:00 p.m. to Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 7:00 a.m. for "'X-Japan' Filming." This one-block stretch is in front of the popular Hollywood and Highland Center for entertainment and shopping. Among other locales, this block has Grauman's Chinese Theatre ツ― the home of many world premieres dating back to Hollywood's Golden Age, the Kodak Theatre of Oscars fame, part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Madame Tussauds Hollywood wax museum, and Disney's restored El Capitan Theatre. Hikaru Utada made her first American appearance of 2009 at the Sephora store on this block.
BAM! Marketing, Publicity, & Promotions announced on Wednesday that the X Japan rock group will appear in Hollywood, California on January 9 for one night only. This would be the first American appearance by the group after their 2007 reunion and their cancelled 2008 tour stop in New York City.
Update: The J Rock Nation website, via BAM! Marketing, Publicity, & Promotions, confirms X Japan's appearance and states that the group will film four music videos that evening. Interested attendees are asked to "dress to impress, bring signs," and sign up to receive more information by email from the website.
Hollywood Boulevard to Be Closed for X Japan's Filming (Updated)
X Japan Confirmed to Film 4 Music Videos in Hollywood
Thanks Xyo for info~~
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