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Post your favorite X-Japan song. No matter how hard it is to do.


Gag me with a spoon
19 Nov 2003
It really is hard to pick just one, I think, but thats the challenge of this thread. Try and just pick only one song that you would say is your favorite.

And I'm picking Rusty Nail.
my fav? i think is kurenai or maybe crucify, i cant decide is very hard, so different but so good!
Tears. I think. But I also love love love Art of Life. Except that part where Yoshiki bangs on the piano...o_O
its hard to decide between the ballads and the more rock songs..... I'd choose Kurenai and Crucify my love :)
that's... a really hard choice.
i'd choose art of life, but silent jealousy and unfinished also belong to my absolute favorites!^o^
I don't really like challenges, so I'll pick X, Endless Rain, Art of Life, and Tears as my favorite X-Japan songs.
yeah.. Forever Love is the perfect music when u want to think about something sad
probably u will cry
Tears too
Blue Blood - First song of theirs i heard and still one of my favorites.
Stab me in the Back...but..I really like Dahlia too. but they're all cool to play on guitar. so...yeah, I like them ALL :D
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