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News Setagaya vending machine to air emergency broadcasts

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14 Mar 2002
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Setagaya Ward, in collaboration with FM Setagaya, has set up a vending machine with a radio that will automatically relay emergency broadcasts in the event of disasters. This is the first such project in the capital, while thirty other radio stations across Japan have already signed contracts to set up similar devices. Suzuka in Mie Prefecture has been using such vending machines since 2017. As the cost of installing the radios is covered by the companies that manage the vending machines, there is said to be no financial burden on the stations.


Using strong magnets, a specialized radio was affixed to the top of the machine on Jan. 17 by Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc., which is based in Tokyo's Minato Ward. The radio will be activated by emergencies such as earthquakes registering 5 or higher on the 7-point Japanese seismic intensity scale, transmitting evacuation and other emergency information from the FM Setagaya community radio station. A station official said they will "work with the ward government to broadcast emergency and other such information, helping to keep the ward's residents safe and calm." The broadcasts will be audible at a distance of up to 100 meters. Even in a power outage, the machine will be able to continue to broadcast for around two days using internal batteries. Aside from earthquakes, the machine may be used to transmit information about fires, missing children or elderly people, suspicious persons and more.

FM Setagaya

FM Setagaya

FM Setagaya (エフエム世田谷) on 83.4 MHz/20W is owned by Setagaya Service Corporation, a specified terrestrial basic broadcasting operator that provides ultra-shortwave broadcasting (FM broadcasting) in some areas of Setagaya Ward, Tokyo.
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