1. Setagaya Castle

    Travel Setagaya Castle

    Once upon a time, right in the centre of Tōkyō's Setagaya Ward near the present-day ward office, there was a small fortress called Setagaya Castle (世田谷城). The ancient castle was located on the tip of a tongue-shaped plateau that stretched south from the hills between Gōtōkuji (豪徳寺駅) and Kyōdō...
  2. Toho Sound Studio

    Toho Sound Studio

    The Toho Sound studio is located across a flood control canal from the main studio lot. The studio is located in Setagaya and the photo was taken in December 2010.
  3. Toho Studio Lot

    Toho Studio Lot

    Toho Studios as seen from a side entrance near a flood control canal in Setagaya, December 2010.