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Satellite Imagry Shows ancient Human Habitation on ocean floors

Disagreement on rock sculpture: Bhuddist figure 1 mile deep off Oregon?

Image photographed at 1 mile underwater west of Oregon ... which appears to be similar to Bhuddist/Hindu Mahakala Panjaranatha

Kim of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, MBARI

"Hello Ed,

Thank you for sending me the link to the original image on our web site. This photo shows the surface of a lava flow on one of the President Jackson Seamounts, off the Coast of Oregon. The surface of the flow has formed a crust that stretched and folded as it cooled, while hotter lava flowed underneath. I think what you are seeing in the photograph is a colder, more rigid section of the lava crust that is being carried along with the rest of the crust as it buckles.

You can more about this lava on our expedition web pages here: Expeditions. I have also attached a second view during the same dive, which shows the area around this lava formation (which is visible in the lower left portion of the image).

These lavas erupted about 2 to 4 million years ago, when the volcano was thousands of feet below the sea surface. The volcano has only continued to sink since then, and is presently at a depth of about 1,700 meters (about one mile deep). Since the lava has never been even close to the surface of the ocean, it seems unlikely that this feature is man-made. I'm sorry to disappoint you with this information, but I just thought you should know."

Sincerely, Kim .....
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute MBARI Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Reference: Vertical "President Jackson" seamount area, showing "Marching Volcanos"

March of Volcanos, showing Jackson seamount area...
Let me try the technical answer...this phenomena of "marching" is explained as the same volcanic vent in the mantle of the earth, which punches through the crust over the millenia, in a distinct single-file fashion as the Crust of the earth moves, and probably the core of the earth also moves. The string of volcanic peaks is shown with my orientation line travelling Northwest, (but plausibly could be southeast direction), which includes the President Jackson seamount area.

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Crust, mantle, core explanations...
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My answer...

Kim... This absolutely is a man-made glyph field, it looks like a graffiti wall. I sincerely believe these structures to be either ancient man-made, pre-flood, or, the only other possibility is if they are modern US military or oil prospecting which is hardly likely given the dimensions of the structures.

Plausibly the habitat was created on the top of the Jackson seamount, during the ice-age when the seamount area was above water, only to be spread downwards from its original source location with the normal cold-crusting motions driven by lower hot-lava flow underneath, exactly what you mention.

I say MBARI photographed a major historical find.

Original MBARI photograph, in the 3000 feet deep area, possibly as deep as 1 mile, in the President Jackson seamount...

Closeup comparison of undersea image with Mahakala Panjaranatha

Note: Look for the third eye, in the middle of the forehead, both figures...


Comparison with Babylon Dragon, and figure at Teotihuacan, right staircase...

Mahakala Panjaranatha, full screen...
Mahakala Panjaranatha (Lord of the Pavilion) | Exotic India Art
14,000 Year Old Human Remains found in Oregon

New evidence of earliest North Americans

"WASHINGTON - New evidence shows humans lived in North America more than 14,000 years ago, 1,000 years earlier than had previously been known.

Discovered in a cave in Oregon, fossil feces yielded DNA indicating these early residents were related to people living in Siberia and East Asia, according to a report in Thursday's online edition of the journal Science.

"This is the first time we have been able to get dates that are undeniably human, and they are 1,000 years before Clovis," said Dennis L. Jenkins, a University of Oregon archaeologist, referring to the Clovis culture, well known for its unique spear-points that have been studied previously......"
Worldwide Venus Culture

Mixing Architecture, Astronomy, and Theology: The Worldwide Venus Culture, the Ishtar, Itza, "Atza-tlan-tos"

Atlantic ocean with Bermuda Venus location and stellar lines/bridges


Imagine being given keys to the treasure room.

Imagine entering that room to a library full of ancient manuscripts, and 3 arrows pointing to 5 rooms, a whole group of more ancient manuscripts, and 3 arrows in each room pointing to 5 more rooms, and on, and on, and on.

I am overwhelmed in my utter, catastrophic ignorance.

Can we, on these websites, understand a culture of people who totally habitated virtually every square foot of the floor of the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean oceans, and were wiped out almost without a trace or historical record?

Graham Hancock of Fingerprints of the Gods put it best to a television audience..(paraphrased) ."There is the distinct possibility that whole epochs of time, whole civilizations of high cultures higher than our own, have come and gone, with no trace of them even existing."

The Ishtar Venus Worldwide, pre-Flood High Civilization
Can we comprehend a single theologic, astronomic culture focused on understanding the Sun, the Moon, the Itza-Ishtar-Venus time machine, and all the planets, and binary stars, and eclipses, and everything except one.... things falling from the sky: Comets, meteors, asteroids. These were the flying dragons, the world destroyers for which they had no understanding whatsoever.

On the path of Venus: "The orbit of Venus is such that it produces a very strange but interesting effect when viewed from Earth against the backdrop of fixed stars that we know as the zodiac. The planet appears to move in the form of a five-pointed star with the sun at its centre, taking a 40 year cycle to repeat the process. These movements are far more reliable than a proverbial Swiss clock. If one understands the position of Venus, one knows the time and date to a precision measured in seconds over hundreds of years." Uriel's Machine, pg. 100, Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas.

Bermuda-Venus up close with lines

Bermuda-Venus up close without lines

Can we try to understand ancient cultures, beyond our known histories, who built laser-beam walls or highways 1000 miles long from the East Coast of Japan to the Aleutians, and beyond to California? Or criss-crossing the Atlantic and Caribbean?

Japan-Pacific Venus Land Bridges, "March of the Thuban Alignments" indicating date of construction by angle of declination...

I strongly suspect that these "Thuban alignments" are in fact what history refers to as the "Asian land bridges", connecting the area offshore to Eastern Japan all the way across the Pacific to North America, interconnected with other seamount communities.

Along with the straight Thubans, there is the additional phenomena of the Japan-Pacific "Venus Star Thuban alignments", which incorporates the Venus geoglyph in 200 mile geoglyphic depictions....

Example: 1000 miles East of Choshi Japan, Pacific Ocean floor, Venus-Geoglyph, 66 degree Thuban alignment, without lines

Can we comprehend 1000 foot pyramids? Or single geoglyphs, 800 miles across, visible today under the ocean using radar satellite images?

Can we imagine a million square miles of Caribbean sea-bottom habitats being engulfed in a single year? Or in a single night?

I feel like I stumbled across the keys to the treasure room. I am locating ancient stellar and architectural locations virtually every 1000 feet of so much undeveloped earth, onshore and on the ocean bottoms, and its easy for you too because the ancients pointed the way. Those ancient laser-pointers are visible under the ocean, and even under dirt and sand, from satellite images 1200 miles up!

And Yes to a very limited degree, Google Earth can look under dirt too, especially in wet soils where the stones and the sand project "wet shadows" and imprints.

The ancients had to be so far ahead of us in so many aspects, we have been dummied down to ignorance.

Next up... "Atza-tlan-tos", the "Ishtar-Land-Gods", the land of Life, Death, Rebirth...
Atlantean clues, underwater...

Atlantis area, Topography insert

As mentioned before, I see an overwhelming incidence of circular architectural boundaries and ancient habitation centers on what are now the ocean floors and coastal shelves all over the world.

Having said this, I am at the highest confidence level that I have found what can be described as the "Atlantis area". "Atl" means "water" and phonetically, the Aztec water, i.e., "At-l" and "water" sound kinda-sorta close to each other. "Atl-land" is I believe "Water land", and is tied in to the "A" and the "T"... "beginning and end", the land of creation, the land of life, death, and rebirth.

And doesn't the Aten sun disk follow the same concept... a circular disk of "no beginning", "no end", and "rebirth into eternal life"? When you really think about it, we are born like fish in a water bag, and the ancients believe you end up in the water of the earth, or return to the womb to be reborn. While you are alive on earth, the sun provides all life, even though, it too is born every morning, dies every night, then is reborn out of the Eastern ocean the next morning.

I call the 1700 by 1000 mile Caribbean undersea and onshore sections of the world, including Mexico and Yucatan and surrounding islands, the "Atlantean civilization", saturated with 30-35 undersea circular "Aten-style" habitation complexes.

Caribbean and Mesoamerican areas.. Top Nine undersea habitat locations...

But rather than show them all, I chose the 8 or 9 most prominent underwater circular structures and habitat communities, namely:

1 Brownsville-Louisiana
2. Tampico, Mexico
3 Veracruz Mexico
4 Convergence of Florida, Cuba, and Yucatan... "The Concentric Circle Gatekeeper" of the Gulf of Mexico. This is my most fascinating location.
5 Cayman Island area
6 North Panama/Costa Rica
7 Jamaica South 1
8 Jamaica South 2
9 Tobago, Barbados, north islands chain

Area one is off the coast of Brownsville Texas. While it shows massive temple complexes with a strategic location, and I say it was a part of the Atlantean era, it does not fit with the mythologies of Atlantean locations too well.


Areas two and three are the Tampico-Veracruz Mexico areas, again showing massive temple complexes, and I say it was a part of the Atlantean era, but does not fit the mythologies of Atlantis specifics.


Location 4: The Gateway, the "Tollkeeper position", the "Operating System for the entire Gulf of Mexico" and the transit point to the Pacific Ocean... this is an extremely strategic and habitated location, and it really resonates with the Atlantean mythologies...


Like no other location in the Caribbean area, this location 4 is the ultimate gatekeeper location, you have to pay your toll to pass, and it is a concentric-architected, circle-style boundary location with a few major temple locations shown.

Conceptually, you could call Florida, Cuba, Yucatan and Mexico as the "four pillars that held up the world", i.e., North America. I describe this as an amazingly important location, and is also at the end of a promotory of either Florida or Yucatan, AND at the virtual beginning of an entire continent, AND the way into a smaller sea leading to the passageway into the "really true ocean" the Pacific.

This location is my new number one candidate for Atlantis.

And then location 4 gets very interesting. Up close, difficult to discern, a 90-mile diameter concentric-circular "Water Land", showing architectural structures..."The Gatekeeper".... compared with an old graphic of the Atlantis island complex... amazingly close in my book!


Just further into the Gulf of Mexico, past the Gateway, are a massive set of temple complexes on the Gulf floor. To complement this incredible location are what appear to be "Mount Rushmore" cliff-face human images ringing the entranceway, showing very familiar facial features lining the Eastern and western wall cliffs. Am I just imaginging these?


I say if any candidate in the world is Atlantis, this #4 Gateway area is Atlantis, Grand Central Station. But can I prove it? No.

Location 5 is the Cayman Island area, mentioned earlier, very interesing and certainly part of the Atlantean culture, but not matching the Atlantean myth.


Location 6 is on the eastern side of the Panama and Costa Rica coast, very interesing and certainly part of the Atlantean culture, but not conducive to the Atlantean myth.


Location 7 and 8, Jamaican South 1 and South 2... massive circular temple complex, very interesing and certainly part of the Atlantean culture, but not conducive to the Atlantean myth.


Location nine is the British Virgin Island area, south towards Barbados...massive circular and rectangular temple complexes, very interesing and certainly part of the Atlantean culture, but not conducive to the Atlantean myth.


Background notes, amateur's research...

From my viewpoint, there is a distinct difference between the earliest habitations on the floors of the ocean, and the more modern but still ancient habitation structures on the coastal shelf areas.

It seems the Venus geoglyphs exist exclusively on the ocean floors, while the circular Aten-disk-style structures exist on the coastal shelves.
For me, while Venus-Thuban alignments are found in all the ocean bottoms amd several onshore locations, the Gulf of Mexico Area, the Bimini-Bahamas and Caribbean island chains shows the highest concentrations of these 20-40 overlapping circular-shelf, Aten-disk-style communities.

Matriarchal Societies existed in the extreme ancient times, while Patriarchal Societies are comparatively more modern. Why?

Mother Goddess - Venus and the Moon Theologies, versus the Sun Theologies?

With all these massive circular-shelf communities, I am reminded of the ancient Egyptian theologies of the Aten sun disk, and the Hebrew Aleph and Tau symbolics of Beginning and End, all focusing on the "circle of life" concepts..."Life, Death, Rebirth".

There were many ancient beliefs, but the most ancient of them all seems to be the veneration of the Mother Goddess, the Mother of creation, the "Viracocha", the "Life Womb", or the serpent goddess Ishtar, and later the planet Venus, all female.

We have mentioned the 5-pointed star is often seen on the bottom of the ocean in 300 mile large geoglyphs...and let's not forget the mythologies of Aphrodite and Venus, "born of a seashell".

But then came radical religious, social, geographic, and even architectural changes, the most prominent example is the transition from animalistic, reptillian, and monstrous representations of Gods and Goddesses, to more human forms. And of course, the female dominance among the Gods was replaced with male dominated cults and religions. Again I ask, Why?
Mythology and Architectural Guesswork...

So how did things change so radically? I am suggesting flood catastrophes may have played a role. Where I see ancient Venus symbolics on the floor of the oceans via the satellite images, I see the Aten sun-disk-style of geometry on the coastal shelves.

It is as if the lowest level communities were flooded out completely, and the first survivors, having lost their faith in the female Goddesses, the survivors re-established themselves on higher ground with a whole set of Male and Female Gods (such as the Egyptian Osirian era overwhelming the Shu and Anu era of earlier Egypt), and then these Aten-disk communites such as "water land", "Atl-land", Atlantis, were ALSO flooded out, to be replaced by male dominated Gods (such as the Olympians defeating the Titans).

I don't have good answers, maybe not even good questions, but when you think about it deeper, you might ask yourself... what survived the flood catastrophes?

Answer: The Sun survived the catastrophes. Post deluge, it may have taken 10 years for the sun to reappear in the morning skies, with the atmospheres cleared of all volcanic or meteoric debris, but the Sun was reborn once more, and the earth survived.

Conclusion? The Sun was more dominant than the Moon or Venus? The Sun was the center of all life?

As a consequence, I believe we read about Sun Gods dominating all other Gods and Goddesses, and Males dominating the females, and diminishing the roles of women. But this is major guesswork on my part, for real academics to sort out, I only have the questions, and imagination to help me out.

Anyways, I am offering these plausible locations as the Atlantis community, especially the Gateway position #4, the circular and concentric circular structure, beyond Florida, Cuba, and Yucatan, which seems to have controlled access to the Gulf and to the Pacific.

I give this information to my grandchildren, Madden, Tommy-John, Paulie Morgan, and nephew Darian Lacsamana. This information is for tomorrow's world, I don't think we can comprehend it yet, it is way to stunning for me.
Habitats on the floor of the Eastern Mediterranean

In following the Atlantic-floor research, and the presence of rectangular grid-squares of the ancients, I found the same mapping technique in both selected parts of the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean.

In the Eastern Mediterranean, north of the Delta in Egypt, West of Israel and Lebanon, and South of Turkey, Crete, and Greece, I found a concentration of these rectangular grid-mapping examples, plus the usual massive temple complexes, with rectangular area boundaries.

What I didn't find were the "Aten-style" circular boundary Temple complexes, found predominantly in the Caribbean and the Western Atlantic.

Full Mediterranean, with Eastern Mediterranean flagged...

Eastern Mediterranean "regional image", enhanced with Photoshop: West of Israel and Lebanon, north of the Delta of Egypt, and South of Turkey and Crete.... showing rectangular grid-squares and temple complexes...


South of Greece and the Santorini areas...

There is one obvious seamount in this image, and on the top of this central location is an exceedingly recognizable rectangular structure, which I have called "Temple of Poseidon".

This structure, "Temple of Poseidon", is 150 miles due West of Sidon, Lebanon, and 60 Miles south of Crete....


I could take a whole hour to discuss what I know in my heart about these images, what I am convinced is already well-known by academics, military researchers, oil prospectors, and archaeologists worldwide, that the ocean seamounts were habitated thousands of years ago, and their indicators are everywhere, in all oceans.

And DNA comparisons show East Asian habitation in the American northwest, 10,000 years ago!

For example, Columbia.edu... your Indian Ocean-floor images of 1994 show human habitats, and I know you know!!!:box:

Sidenote: For an idea of the causes of the ancient flood epochs, and there were more than a few, an Interesting article...
Andrea Thompson, Space.com
Seawater Holds Clues to Asteroid Impacts
Interesting photos and research Ed. Thanks! As is recorded in practically all civilizations on this planet, there was a "great flood" or an earth change and what was below is now above, and what was above is now below, in some places.

I believe it happened and that there are remnants of ancient civilizations under the worlds oceans and seas. I mean how can one explain the existance of sea shells in the Rocky Mountains or the Andes mountains in South America?

While living in Japan, one day I was digging up my garden and was surprised to find a rather large rock completely embedded with seashells! And this was some 10 miles from the nearest seashore! Therefore, at one time, my area was probably under the sea.

It may happen again in the not too distant future, like 2012, on the winter solstice, when the Mayan calander says that the age of the fifth sun will come to an end!

Seems plausable when you think about the rotation and tilting of the earth. Just suppose that, on the winter solstice, when the earth is tilting at its apex before beginning to tilt back, that it doesn't stop and continues to tilt and completly tilts over as some scientists have theorized has occurred previously.

This would cause massive floods and tsunamis and render some land to sink beneath the waves and other places to rise. Don't know for sure, but it makes one think if there is any truth to the Mayan calander as maybe this has occurred four times previously.

Besides, how the heck did they know all these ancient calculations and knowledge of the solar system and stars and such? Could there have been a highly advanced civilization some 15,000 years ago that disappeared when the earth tilted on it's axis and left us with a warning when the next shift would occur?

Pachipro... thank you for a very real interpretation of the end of the fourth Mayan epoch, beginning of the fifth. I had always surmised it was because they knew some wandering asteroid kept missing over the millennia, by closer and closer distances, and predicted that...it will hit on December 23, 2012. I have often thought that the huge comet/meteor/asteroid that flew between the moon and the earth in ??? 1991 or so, might have been that particular one they spoke of.

Anyways, what do you think another Monterey Bay image article, the photo taken at 3000 or 5000 feet under the ocean, showing a Greekish Gorgon?
Again, I have found these antiquities on the President Jackson Seamount, as if some ship sank with a load full of antiques.

The Debris field contains what appears to be a shepherd's crook scroll symbolic, a rock face with some hieroglyphic on it, and a Gorgon style head, which could be the Mahakala Panjaranatha, discussed earlier.

Original undersea submersible Photo from Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, who believe these images are located between 3000 and 5000 feet below President Jackson Seamount, off the coast of Oregon...


What is most fascinating, as you look just to the left of the facial image, is some unmistakable writing hieroglyphic image.

Gorgon head... aka Mahakala Panjaranatha ?
closeup, left to right...

Shepherd's crook, or scroll; hieroglyphic on rock face, Gorgon head....

The artifacts in these MBARI photographs are priceless, yet they still don't believe ME, about what they have already found! (Oh well!??)
Do they have any more photographs, or a CD filled with JPEGs I could buy?

Greek Gorgon example

PS... for you and anybody else, let me have your permission to name an undersea geoglyph for you. I mean, if I am finding 10,000 geoglyphs under the ocean, really, but how can we officially name them for ourselves? Is there any international recording location, which is unversally accepted, like a star registry or something?
West Coast of Cuba, worldwide underwater structures...

I want to dedicate this portion to the Canadian research team, Paulina Zelitsky and Paul Weinzweig, who physically investigated ancient underwater megaliths and architectural buildings, 3000 feet below the surface, off the coast of Cuba in 2001 and 2002. These megalithic structure groups are on the Eastern side of my concentric circle Gateway area, what I am calling the "Location 4", the theoretical Atlantean "Grand Central Station".

A Special Report by Andrew Collins
A 'lost city', that could turn out to be the fabled city of Atlantis, has been located by a Canadian scientific research team. In a press release dated Havana, 14 May 2001 Reuters of London informed the world that Soviet-born ocean engineer Paulina Zelitsky, the president of Canadian-based company Advanced Digital Communications, had detected 'a sunken city' in deep waters off the west coast of Cuba, the largest island of the Caribbean.

Morien Institute: Ancient 200 meter x 50 meter structure found, West of Cuba
Morien Institute - Interview with Dr Paul Weinzweig of Advanced Digital Communications (ADC) about the underwater structures discovered off the coast of Cuba - page one
Paulina Zelitsky and Paul Weinzweig: Advanced Digital Communications, Canada and Havana

"On May 28, 2002, National Geographic News reported on the many recent discoveries underwater on the coastal shelves around the world. The story, focused on the recent discovery of megalithic ruins some 2,200 feet below sea level, loff the coast of Cuba. Interviewing Geologist, Manuel Iturralda, the Director of Research at Cuba'a Natural History Museum. He is the consulting Geologist for the Canadian exploration company, Advanced Digital Communications (ADC), based in Havana Cuba, which discovered the megalithic formations.

It has been suggested that what they have discovered in the Yucatan Channel could be buildings and monuments of an early, unknown American civilization, which sank beneath the waves during some ancient cataclysm. As Ocean Engineer, Paulina Zelitsky, and the ADC crew are currently back on expedition with their research vessel, 'Ulises'. Dr. Paul Weinzweig, a partner in ADC with his wife, Paulina Zelitsky, kindly agreed to answer some of our questions when the Morien Institute contacted ADC in Cuba, June 3rd-12th, 2002..."

New Underwater Finds Raise Questions About Flood Myths

Cuba's Sunken City
"Deep in the waters of Cabo de San Antonio, off Cuba's coast, researchers are exploring unusual formations of smooth blocks, crests, and geometric shapes. The Canadian exploration company that discovered the formations, Advanced Digital Communications, has suggested that they could be the buildings and monuments of an early, unknown American civilization."

Signs of Ancient City off Cuba
Signs of Ancient City off Cuba

Underwater world: Man's doing or nature's?
Researchers come across mysterious shapes on the sea bottom just west of Cuba. Patterns suggest an ancient civilization.

Underwater Lines lead to the Recent Cuba Ancient City found Underwater!
altarcheologie.nl – Just another WordPress site

Worldwide Undersea structures... ongoing research...




9,500-Year-Old City Found Underwater Off India
According to marine scientists in India, archaeological remains of this lost city have been discovered 36 metres (120 feet) underwater in the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of India. And carbon dating says that they are 9,500 years old.

This news completely contradicts the position of most Western historians and archaeologists, who (because it did not fit their theories) have always rejected, ignored, or suppressed evidence of an older view of mankind's existence on planet Earth. Human civilization is now provably much more ancient than many have believed.

Underwater Cities; Noah's Flood Proof? ... (worldwide evidence of anicent underwater cultural centers)

"Graham Hancock says this discovery proves scientists should be more open-minded. ツ"I have argued for many years that the world's flood myths deserve to be taken seriously, a view that most Western academics reject. ツ"But here in Mahabalipuram, we have proved the myths right and the academics wrong.ツ"

Hidden Underwater City Wows Experts (Alexandria, Egypt coastal area)
July 26, 2007 — "Alexander the Great founded Alexandria to immortalize his name on his way to conquer the world, but his may not have been the first city on the famed site on Egypt's Mediterranean coast. A Smithsonian team has now uncovered first underwater evidence pointing to an urban settlement dating back seven centuries before Alexander showed up in 331 B.C. ...Coastal geoarchaeologist Jean-Daniel Stanley of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History said the work by him and his colleagues suggested there had been a much larger community than had previously been believed."

Nearly Complete Ancient Cities Found Underwater Off Egypt

Excavations resume at ancient underwater city of Limantepe...Turkish Daily News... (Turkey)
10,000 year old Yonaguni art? ...or imagination?

While browsing through the underwater structures of Yonaguni, and looking at the low resolution images (some at 15k jpegs), I tried to manipulate the color schemes in photoshop.

I did receive some interesting results, but I wonder how much is my imagination, and how much are the low resolution distortions playing tricks on my eyes.

My net, net conclusion is that there are images on the rocks, and it needs higher resolution photographs to start with, for an enterprising person other than myself to put into Photoshop and decipher.

But the end result seems to be: The Yonaguni platforms and walls are covered with rock etchings and graphic images.

Full picture, original with Photoshop birghtness/contrast enhancements

Bottom left corner up close, enhanced, arrows point to right eye (or am I imagining?)

Portion of bottom left corner enhanced...may be my imagination...

Is it possible for me to find high resolution jpegs of the Yonaguni platforms?
I make this offer to the next 10 people reading this thread. Give me a location in Japan, or anywhere, and I will do my best to direct you to the nearest ancient altar or temple "star cluster, convergence point"

Did I make it before # 10?

My late grandfather found Native American artifacts on his farm land.

A hunter's ring

and an arrow head

Both are presumably Potawatomi, pre 1837.

May be human settlements in the area from ancient times as well?
You are number 2, and a good training exercise


Given that the name "Indiana" goes back to the Babylonians, at least that far, and most definitly three times that far...i.e., 10,000 BC at least, yes, give me a place in Indiana and I will scope it out for you.

I have the exact same message for all readers... the ancients absolutely tried to communicate with the Gods through geoglyphs.

Therefore, virtually every 50 feet of undeveloped land may show geoglyphs or some settlement effects, onshore, underwater, etc.

Of course, blowing sand will obscure these objects, agriculture will obscure them, and catastrophes such as volcanic eruptions and floods and meteor strikes will disturb them.

Give me a location in Indiana or anywhere, and put me to work.

Etymology roots...

Enanna, Innanna... One was the first "historically recognized female writer", Babylonian, and I think the second was a mythical Babylonian goddess, circa 2500 - 3000 BC. Given the East Asians preceding the Babylonian cultures by 8 to 10,000 years, you will have Asian etymology roots too, and your artifacts very possibly are Asian in origin.

PS... Your ring has glyphs on them, but they are very obscure. I think it shows a lion's head on the side panel...again... am I imagining this? I used blue and yellow pointers to show the eyes...you always look for anything in stereo, especially the eyes, for tipping off the glyph, what it intended to be. In your examples, it is very obscure, with very little definition. Had they been easily visible, showing lion or monster heads as I think they do, it would be enormously valuable.



Give me a location, especially any undeveloped state parks with mountain tops that have no trees, or Lakes that have not been developed. Humans were everywhere, and they left their artwork to speak to the Gods, and to be remembered.
I've not been able to detect any definable characters on the ring. I've done pencil rub overs of it with paper. Very difficult to do with any accuracy. I've not found anything except for the straight line notches on the one side shown in the photo.

It has a definite raised area on what would be the top of the ring. Much like a raised spot for some sort of ornamentation like where modern rings would have an onyx or something. But this is carved from the stone itself and all one piece.

It's on the top of that rectangular raised spot that I though I had detected a cave painting type stick figure animal. It's very shallow and only showed up in a light pencil rubbing. We humans are pattern seeking creatures. So it could have been my imagination.

Here is a scanning I just made of it. I don't know if the scratches were put there as part of an image or if they just happened over time from rocks or farm equipment moving across it in the ground. The ring may be right side up or up side down in this pic since I can't tell the difference.

My friend who is 62.5% Cherokee says that she has a similar ring in her family. As her family tells it, each notch on the side is 1 generation. This ring has 8 notches. If that is the case, wow! this thing is old with a capital OLD. LOL

Also, it is extremely large. If this was meant to be worn on a finger, that guy was a monster. But my friend tells me that they were only ornamental rings meant to be worn on leather thong about the neck.

I can't think of any state parts with bare mountains. The highest point I think in a northern IN state park is maybe "Steamboat Hill" in Potato Creek St. Pk. Not bare though. I've been there and it is a very steep increase in elevation all of a sudden as you walk up to it.

It's so steep that the park service had to build steps to get down it:

There is Lake Manitou, measuring over 700 acres in area, in Rochester and LOTS of lakes around Warsaw. You can about drop on pin on a map and hit a lake there. There are 103 lakes in Kosciusko County.

I agree that over time people certainly built lots of places for worship. It's like humans have that trait built in... to worship something - God, a god, gods, idols, and now days money, career, etc.

They held places of high elevations in great regard. The Bible even hits on this: Mount Sinai, the Mount of Olives, the tower of babble, etc.

Since a world-wide flood was mentioned up the way, I'll go out on a limb here with this. No matter what anyone believes said flood was caused by, all of these findings of temples and alters is supported by the Bible's account. The pre-flood days that these underwater alters and temples date from were said to be filled with ritual places for "false gods" and the people were described as "wicked" (maybe regularly occurring human sacrifices?), and thus were "destroyed".

Does the evidence of these places so far point to a sudden raise in water level, or a slower increase over time?
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Google Earth finding buried objects...

Earlier I mentioned that Google Earth can also look under wet sandy soil, and maybe dirt for that matter. What makes buried objects appear seems to be wet soil that "casts a wet shadow" next to objects that are impervious to moisture, such as many stone walls.

For this reason, you can take a Google Earth snapshot, put it into Photoshop and maniulate Brightness/Constrast controls, or Hue/Saturation parameters, or Color values, to obtain some striking images buried underneath the soil.

So I went to Stonehenge England, and took the usual snapshot JPEGs, plugged them into Photoshop and came up with probably 100 separate points of interest, most of them already well known and well preserved by the wonderful neighbors. Some of the amazing relics are protected by groves of trees and mini-parks, while others are isolated in farm fields, fully untouched. Great attitude, folks, congratulations!!!

Full Stonehenge area with line pointing to classic stone-circle structure... note the "Venus Junction" of Highways A344 and A303...

see Google Maps
Google Maps

As you may know, Stonehenge (and the previous "wood-henge", made of oak tree alignments), dates back to 6000 BC or even earlier. In fact, many layers of cultures inhabited this area, sometimes building over the top of previous populations who disappeared. Venus alignments are evident, astral circular patterns are shown, and numerous other fascinating images are shown in these enhanced landscapes.

Certainly, these exact features are found all over the world, from Asia to Europe, clearly indicating a uniform culture or theology in the most ancient of times.

What caught my fancy on this trip was not the classic Stonehenge circle, stuck between two highways, the A344 and A303, but just to the East of that convergence where a dark shadow drew me in. It seems to be a profile face of a King, very similar to the "King of Carmel", and the "Samurai" of Cuba which I have shown earlier, facing West. As mentioned before, I manipulated the images in Photoshop to derive the faint, undersurface latent images.

Yes, it is difficult to see, but I would imagine very valuable in historic meaning....

Green-enhanced image of Stonehenge area, convergence of A344 and A303, south of Larkhill and Strangways,...with "Archbishop" shadow showing on right...


Red-enhanced image of Stonehenge area...with "Archbishop" shadow showing on right...


Extremely vague, but discernible image... I am sure an academic institution could do this better than me...
I am almost sure that the great caretakers of Stonehenge are unaware of his presence, so I present to the world what I am calling "the "Archbishop of Larkhill/Strangways".

I accuse?! Columbia University and National Geographic

As mentioned before, Columbia University has known about these massive ocean floor architectural temples and dwellings at least since 1994. Yet, I haven't heard anything about them publicly, leading me to believe that they are extremely modest in their wonderful finds, or they have a good reason not to reveal their location.

For example, the Bampana Discordance, southwest of Australia....

I do ask, why are these 1994 locations obscured-out? Human habitats are clearly indicated in the normal view, and behind the smudge attempts.

What am I missing here, besides everything?

Likewise, in 2002, National Geographic started reporting ocean habitats on the continental shelves, all over the world. They easily could have informed the world the preposterous full truth, that there are ocean floor habitats all over the world, in ocean depths exceeding 1 mile today!

I congratulate these two supreme learning entities, Columbia University of New York, and National Geographic.

But why isn't this information being publicized? Why are the images obscured? What are we afraid of?

And if two leading institutions have known this for over a decade, then a hundred other leading scientists and oil company researchers, and the American government know this too.

With virtually all of the following 1994 Columbia University examples showing human habitat indicators, I feel like the idiot announcing what everyone has already known.

Indian Ocean Seamounts




Korora Seamount
Chakham Seamount
Arctic Ocean Floor Habitats

Well, I've done it again. To fight the redundancy of hundreds, thousands of Google Earth underwater images showing human habitats, I aimed for the completely unknown entity, - and I found it again in the Arctic. The following human habitats, showing geoglyphs, temples and their stair structures, and most important, the Constellation Pleiades, were found in the Arctic area bounded by the circle of Northern Europe, Asia, and North America, and specifically in the vicinity of Ellesmere Island and Greenland.

As discussed, I am convinced the ocean floor human habitat structures have absolutely been known by academics, while the explicit geoglyphs of this discussion probably have never been known or published. Since these geoglyphs are essentially vague and poorly defined, there is also the element..."How much is my imagination, and how much is fact?" I will let the future scientists decide, let me table the evidence and theories.

Ellesmere Island - Wikipedia

First image, overview of the Arctic Ocean area... North Pole, Arctic, with Ellesmere Island and Greenland to the South. In the explicit center of the image is the North Pole.


Second image, a closer view of the area highlighted, faintly showing the outlined "Half Venus" and top of an "Atlas-like" figure, located between 143 miles and 434 miles south of the Pole towards Ellesmere Island of Northern Canada. What also is shown are the numerous criss-cross seamount areas, which if examined closer, would show unmistakable human habitat architectural structures.


Third image, closer view, "Half Venus", and Atlas semi-outlined. And if you look close, a geoglyph-temple arrangement in the Pleiades-cluster sequence is displayed in the 6 o'clock position. Note: I have found other "Venus-on-the-half-shell" architectural geoglyphs, in other parts of the world.


Fourth image, Half-Venus with lines...


Fifth image, Half-Venus without lines... very faint line images, (mentally ignoring the Google Earth longtitudinal indicators)..


Sixth image, with lines outlining very faint Atlas-like image, with Pleiades star cluster, temple arrangement to bottom left...


Note: The earlier Egyptian equivalent to this Greekish-Titan Atlas figure holding up the celestial heavens ... was the stick-figure hieroglyph with upraised arms..."In Praise of Ra".

When you think about it, what was Atlas doing when he held up the heavens?...And what separated the earth from the inkish-black celestial heavens?

Answer: Atlas was positioned to keep separated the heavens from the earth, i.e., to keep the sky from falling. What accomplishes this feat is the sunlight, the Light (Los) of the Aten sun, the Light of Creation...(A-T), hence... A-T-Los. Likewise, The "Light of the Sun God Ra" pushed up the darkness from the Earth each morning.

Seventh image, without lines, of very faint Atlas image, with Pleiades star cluster, temple arrangement in bottom left...


Eighth image, closeup of Pleiades cluster arrangement, showing temple structures and steps ??? , "stairways to heaven", from bottom to top...


From Wikipedia...Pleiades Star Cluster of today...


And here's my Taxi-theory "Time and Date Stamp"

What we have here is a snapshot from the pre-flood era, of the Pleiades Constellation!

What we have is a time-and-date stamp of explicitly when some of these structures were built, based on the arrangement of the star clusters, which even in Ancient Times were known to move!

A sharp astronomer student might be able to compare the cluster arrangement THEN, with the cluster arrangement now, and with the cluster arrangement of Greek times, to figure out when these Arctic-floor, architectural structures were built!

The only asterisk I have is that there seems to be overlapping geoglyphs in this area. While the human habitat structures are numerous all over the Arctic Ocean, and display almost an Arctic "Crown" of habitation linking Eastern and Western hemispheres, there seems to be many layers of habitation, not just a single millenia, epoch, or era.

Also note: According to ice-core sampling and concentration spikes of nickel-iron, there were two major asteroid impacts of the last 12,000 years, i.e., 7640 BC, and 3115 BC.

According to some ancient legends, these asteroids were both originating from the Pleiades area of the sky, and were viewed up to 200 years before impact, growing larger and larger from this one location in the heavens. Experts, help me on this, am I correct on this point?..... my sources are "Uriel's Machine" and "Mayan Cosmos", which discuss some of these issues...and seem like brother/sister in their depth of incredible knowledge of these megalithic astronomy-mythologies... Yucatan and Stonehenge...most probably the identical astronomical knowledge-cultures...

Question: The "fourth epoch" of the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. Were they predicting the revisit of these asteroid "killer-angels" to planet earth?

Pleiades, Plaedies: Seven Sisters, Circumpolar Stars, Stars that never sleep, 7 scorpions, (and many other referential names)

If 100 cultures knew of the Pleiades, then there may have been 30 separate interpretations and mythologies over the last 10,000 years.

Certainly the Greek mythos of the Pleiades follows here....

Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

"Phantomlimb7" Pleiades Constellation

It is a cluster of stars in the constellation of Taurus (the bull).
The name come from The Pleiades ... (pleye'-a-deez, also plee'-a-deez), companions of Artemis, were the seven daughters of the Titan Atlas and the sea-nymph Pleione (pleye-oh'-nee) born on Mount Cyllene (seye-lee'-nee). They are the sisters of Calypso, Hyas, the Hyades, and the Hesperides. The Pleiades were nymphs in the train of Artemis, and together with the seven Hyades were called the Atlantides, Dodonides, or Nysiades, nursemaids and teachers to the infant Bacchus.

There is some debate as to the origin of the name Pleiades. Previously, it was accepted the name is derived from the name of their mother, Pleione. However, the name Pleiades is more likely to come from ...; (to sail), because the Pleiades star cluster are visible in the Mediterranean at night during the summer, from the middle of May until the beginning of November, which coincided with the sailing season in antiquity. This derivation was recognized by the ancients, including Virgil (Georgics 1.136-138)."
Final entry for now...focusing on Japan

I have been correctly and politely advised to limit my entries on this thread to Japan specific information.

I agree.

But let me point out to all readers that I am piecing together a tapestry of clues that show the persons who created Stonehenge of the United Kingdom, and the temple complexes of Kashiwazaki and North of Kyoto, were most probably the identical astronomical, megalithic ancient culture and theology.

They were, I believe, the roots of what are referred to Enochian Knowledge cultures, the sacred geometry cultures, the star cultures, the megalithic cultures, etc. But they are unmistakably the same basic culture.

So I am extremely appreciative of being allowed to present these phenomena here on this thread and on another Architecture thread, and I thank you, but will limit all future discussions to Japan-geographic only, or end it entirely.

Otherwise, we can lock the thread in place and it has been a wonderful experience and opportunity, thank you all.

Ed Ziomek
Southeast of Mt. Fuji

In keeping with the Japanese specific locations, using satellite imagery, I traveled to the Mt. Fuji area and found a location 6 miles to the southeast that had been cleared of vegetation.

The "6 mile by 2 mile" area shows a high concentration of ancient geoglyph indicators, including stone circles like Stonehenge, Thuban alignments of 15 - 25 degrees, and faint/amazing geoglphs of recognizable figures, including one portrait within a crescent moon, (either Venus or the Moon Goddess). At least 100-200 altars and astronomical alignments are in this cleared area.

On the academic and scientific levels, again I ask for more competent photo analysis than I can provide here, and certainly hope some Japanese University can look into this area for research purposes.

Mt. Fuji and cleared area to the Southeast


Cleared area showing 4 points of specific interest


Faint crescent Moon and human portrait in a spiral, with flower crown, Thuban alignments, altar areas to the right...


Thuban Alignments, Altars, Habitats


Ancient storyboard, what are they trying to tell us?


Fish head or some geoglyph, unknown content, Thuban alignment


Google map
Google Maps
Google Maps
Google Maps
Tokyo: Samurai King in Memorial/Soccer Field?

In the Tokyo area, I am surprised to notice the typical ancient megalithic star-cluster arrangements integrated into modern street combinations.

On the River or Canal on the North side of Tokyo is a series of fields on the frontage portions of that River/Canal which include many sport fields. I have chosen a one-mile stretch that includes a memorial type rectangle, a soccer field and park area.

Google Map
Google Maps

I am guessing when I say it may be the burial ground of an ancient Samurai Warrior-King, and if the image-stories are to be believed, he may have been murdered!

I have divided one particular area between two bridge structures, a one-mile canal frontage, into three topics: Stone Circle, King on the Soccer Field, and Altars and Stone Circle.

Today's topic is the first of the three, the "Stone Sun Circle".

Let me start with the first location identifier, of the City of Tokyo, Japan, drilling down to the Canal location I want to explore.


Stone Sun Circle
Second, just to the SouthEast of the double bridges, is a very beautiful location containing a symbol in a Quadrant, a Stone Circle, and a shadowy-smudged area. I derived all the new colors from Photoshop.


The symbol on the left may be the name of the King, or some other explanation, and it is contained in a classic 4-sided garden-quadrant.


In the same image on the right, is a Stonehenge-style Stone Circle, probably a sun circle.

Finally we come to possibly the most artistic piece I have found to date, apparently that of a ...

"Spear thrusting Samurai warrior-King"...

Is the King slaying a dragon-head? I think so!

Detail of images..."Stone Circle" location...


In the following days I will add the "King of the Soccer Field", and "Altars and Stone Circles", all contained in a one-mile canal frontage between the two bridge areas...

And a serious note...I firmly believe that where they bury the King, they also bury the treasure!
part 2 of 3: Faint Tokyo King of Soccer Field...

In the same Tokyo canal area, I am presenting here the obscure, faint, "Soccer Field King", found within the whitish area on the bottom right of the image.


The soccer field normally sits at an angle of 160 degrees, Northwest to Southeast, but for the sake of clarity I am rotating the facial image to an upright position, with the topmost portion being the Southeast end.

Enhancing the image in extreme reds, with difficulty one can see a Death Mask of an individual, eyes shut, with possibly coins on the eyelids and a pearl on the tongue.


Very obscure image, within an image... A Motive?

What is most interesting is in the uppermost portion, say the 1 o'clock position, which displays a masterful assortment of facial images, several overlapping. There is the grimaced look in the 9 o'clock, Female sun goddess or she-devil in the 12 o'clock, an apparent open-mouthed figure in the 2 o'clock, and dead center is an obscurely formed, pig-faced, horned, devil-monster.


Is the message in this faint picture that these profound images governed this King's life, and/or Death? I think so.

With my Dick Tracy hat on, I think it might indicate that this King was murdered by the she-devil woman at the top of the image, next to the southeastern goal post. The Devil in front of the woman, and the grimaced look on the two neighboring images seem to indicate darkness and sinister events.

And adding to this theory is the noted absence of any above ground structure, in effect, there is an invitation almost, to walk on this man's grave, turn it into dust?!

Most flattering geoglyph portraits I have found have a profile of a King facing West. In this case, the image is a full frontal death mask, with head pointing south, which was the traditional underworld and devil position. In effect, the artwork is almost "upside down", and pointing south, and certainly not a Life image, but a stone-cold DEAD image.

Why would the ancients display a DEAD King with his head pointing upside down and South?

Who is to know the truth, as it is fun guessing at these meanings, and possibly a reader has a better explanation.
King Toba, South of Nagoya

Earlier I have demonstrated the underwater, and under-soil capabilties of Google Earth.

Let me add two additional theories, that of ocean waves outlining underwater structures, and in this example, forested vegetation highlighting ancient figures.

First figure, overview Japan, Nagoya area to the North, and Toba area to the South....


The pinpointed southern location is a beautiful area called Toba. Like most Japanese forested areas, this small area contains many geoglyphs including several stellar alignments, a Thuban angle of 75 degrees or so, and the apparent head of an ancient King.

Either on purpose or coincidental, the King image seems to be holding a spear or flag standard to the Thuban angle of 60+ degrees in a Northeasterly direction (white line), with some form of stone circle, and moon circle now underwater (yellow and red dots)


Vitually all of these images are under dense vegetation or underwater, but they are still discernible.

Phenomena...nature highlighting ancient structures...

Due to shallow water areas, and minor winds (15 knots), there is a phenomena in certain coastal areas where ocean wave white-caps outline underwater architectural structures.

Likewise in this Toba example, vegetation that grows around ancient architectural features seem to outline those temple, altar, habitat, and geoglyphic structures.

Taking a Google Earth snapshot, manipulating that jpeg image in Adobe Photoshop, one can almost see a very faint image below the vegetation, and in this case, probably a King image.

Amazing color manipulation of the Toba King...


Note, the King's image is positioned at a minor 15 degrees or so, compared to the Thuban "spear" angle of 60+ degrees. This angle differential suggests the King image was added in more modern times (400 AD?), with an amateur guessing of the Thuban-angle age of 2000 BC, much earlier.

Up close, I am pointing out the human features of Chin, throat, heart, where each location "on the ground" has an actual stone-circle altar of some sort. (this is where you put the metal detectors, hoping for some metallic responses)


Yes, I am guessing at these explanations, while an academic expert can offer better advice than myself. For the moment, let me present these observations for your review.

Google Map

Google Maps

Google Maps
Jref monitors?

Folks... Everyone is allowed their opinion. But when a Forum allows thug entries into a serious educational "News and topics" discussion, I ask that that person's entry be removed, and consider that individual a detriment to the positive nature of this thread and this wonderful website.

Disagree, yes, respectfully, or be removed. Or I can leave, no problem.
Goldie...first of all, Google Maps gives you the opportunity to raise and lower the altitude of the perspective, meaning you could get the entire nation of Japan if you wanted to raise the altitude indicator on the left hand side of the map image.
But lets do it another way.
Let's start with the grand view, showing Mt. Fuji in the South, with Kashawazaki in the North. Note, I may have positioned Nagaoki in the location where Sanjo is actually. So I repositioned Nagaoki closer to the South.
Now do a closeup on the following points... at the 69 mile high perspective.... North East
Next, draw a line from the southernmost part of the island off Kashawazaki, and crossover to the main island at the point where the grey image meets the color image, explicitly on the coastal triangulated point. (two satellite images, one grey, one colored) Extend it past these two intersecting points for a total of 65.47 miles to the southeast, along this transit line.
(from the island to the Thuban pinpoint, 65.47 miles)
Explicit center of original Thuban alignment display, at 25,411 feet
37 degrees13.59.41 north
139 degrees13.53.86 east


there is a Tako-hi(多胡碑)
it is a mysterious stone monument about Pythagoras theorem

In the same Tokyo canal area, I am presenting here the obscure, faint, "Soccer Field King", found within the whitish area on the bottom right of the image.
is there anything here?
there are many city legend in tokyo
There were two countries in both shores of this river.
One is Izumo group. the other is Ise group in Myth
shirins in each pleaces in tokyo tell the story the real.
that is ,Emish vs Yamato.
Japan is densely packed with ancient structures

Caster51 and all... thank you for the photographs of the altar stone shapes.

Japan of today is a relatively small area, compared to the offshore ancient habitat areas, which seem to quintuple the land mass of your present nation.

But in this remaining Japanese islands area, the ancient geometric patterns are packed in extensive concentrations, onshore, and offshore. They seem to be everywhere I look, like no other country.

I am sincerely requesting the challenge from Japanese University history students to name me an area for me to look, and pinpoint down to 25 feet or so, altar and temple "circles" which I would hope can be searched using metal detectors, and land radar monitors.

I feel confident enough to guarantee at least ancient gravesites, pottery remains, and historical artifacts in these pinpointed areas.

Japan is SATURATED with still-visible ancient remains, that is my amateur observation.
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