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Question Sashimi Salmon


7 Dec 2020
I bought fresh farmed (Norway) salmon from Costco and froze it for one week. I am just cutting the sashimi now and not sure if I see a parasite or a blood vessel. Does anyone know?
I realize flash frozen pacific salmon is the best - but hoping to eat this as sashimi anyway. Sorry for the picture which may be gross to look at.


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Don't take chances. Not a biologist, but raw fish is best left to the professionals, or at least the professional purveyors of such.
Take out the funky thing, cook the fish, and eat it with confidence.
Here is one more photo. I think it may be a blood vessel but no actual idea. Also a photo of my salmon I want to eat :)


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Yeah, I think you are right. Any worms will be mostly white.
But, "some random dude on the internet said they weren't worms" is a bridge that seems just a bit too far when it comes to raw foods.
Is Costco salmon supposed to be sushi grade? We only buy our sashimi cuts from a Japanese market. Of course they could be defrosting Costco salmon for all I know.
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