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Please answer the three questions


4 Mar 2016
Someone sent this text to a freelancer web that I work in recently ( a fisher who couldn't cache even one fish yet LOL) and requested the questions to be asnwered . I specified 1$ and 2 cent for the work ( he has not accepted yet) please just answer the question. of course a few of the words are wrong but there is no need to be corrected.

Thank you a bunch in advance :)

Great wonder grew in hall

At his hue most strange to see

For man and gear and all

Were green as green could be.

And in guise of all green, the gear and the man:

A coat cut close, that clung to his sides,

And a mantle to match, made with a lining

Of furs cut and fitted – the fabric was noble,

Embellished all with ermine, and his hood beside,

That was loosed from his locks, and laid on his shoulders."

With reference to the quotation above taken from "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" explain the significance of what the color green stands for. (30 points)

2) But natheless, while I have time and space,

Er that I ferther in this tale pace,

Me thinketh it accordant to resoun

To tell you all the condicioun

Of each of hem, so as it seemed me,

And which they were, and of what degree,

And eek in what array that they were inne:

And at a knight thane wol I first biginne.

Which poem is the quotation above taken from? Refer to the other characters mentioned in the text. What is the purpose of the poet? (30 points)

3) Explain how Reformation affected English society and provide significant historical details. Next, analyze the importance of Sir Thomas More's Utopia in connection with Reformation. (40 points)

"…he decreed that every man might cultivate the religion of his choice, and proselytize for it too, provided he did so quietly, modestly, rationally, and without bitterness towards others." (Sir Thomas More, Utopia)
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