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Overseas online pharmacies that ship to Japan post COVID


28 May 2016
I buy olive oil ear sprays, head and shoulders shampoos, deflatine, canestein, pepto bismol and other mild pharmaceuticals (that you can't get in Japan )from overseas now and again. I was gping buy from my favorite Express Chemist in UK but progressing my order lead to a statement that we don't ship to Japan now. Any ideas on who to try now?
Not to be too glib but perhaps now is a good time to explore the local domestic products available to you. There are likely equivalent products that will work just as well for you. If that doesn't interest you, how about having a friend or relative buy the stuff and ship it to you?

I haven't ordered from them for ages, but their name comes up now and again. I think some of their stuff is shipped from korea, which comes thru better than from other countries, and is close/fast.
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