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Travel News New theme park to open in March: Immersive Fort Tokyo


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14 Mar 2002
Immersive Fort Tokyo, operated by Osaka-based firm Katana and the world's first theme park dedicated exclusively to immersive experiences, is set to open its doors on 1 March 2024 in Odaiba. This groundbreaking theme park promises an entirely new level of entertainment and will occupy the 30,000 square-metre area previously home to the outlet shopping mall Venus Fort. Visitors can look forward to twelve new immersive attractions to transport them into captivating worlds and experiences. Alongside the attractions, six shops and restaurants will cater to everyone's needs.

One-day passes range between 6.800 to 14,800 JPY for adults and 3.000 to 6.000 JPY for children. Same-day tickets are unavailable at the venue; they must be bought online.

Sounds interesting. I checked the video on their website but it's still difficult to imagine what it's going to be like.
[announcement] As for the aim, in foreign tourist USJ, a new area is prepared for one after another a new theme park to opening
(It is readable in English subtitles)

Announcement of the opening of business of the theme park which evolved occurs successively. It is a new theme park opening in Tokyo, Odaiba in the spring of next year that it was announced on 5th. A "devotion type" theme park attracting attention is. The theme park which is becoming important now how you call in foreign tourists. I explain whether the new facilities become the world and the new entertainment to be able to fight in detail.

Commercial facilities of Tokyo, Odaiba that finished business last year, Venus Fort. I utilize the building, and, in the spring of next year, a new theme park comes up.

CEO "Katana" to run Representative Director Takeshi Morioka
"The suggestion of the new theme park which featured the theme of Immersive experience"

The park name "Immersive Fort Tokyo." Immersive. In other words, it is said that it is the theme park which I can experience of "the devotion type". It is to be able to experience various stories depending on the action of the participant.

CEO "sword" to run Representative Director Takeshi Morioka
If "100 people experience it, it is experienced 100 ways"

Immersive that is the theme park of "the devotion type" attracts attention in the entertainment industry. The whole space is made based on the theme of the story, and the audience can have various experiences as a character.

For example, in Immersive Fort Tokyo, it is considered that the following devotion experience is possible.

Cityscape is reproduced there when I set foot in a park, and it is about to say, "participate in the investigation!" suddenly in that by the cast and other participants. And I can enjoy it each time, and it is said that an experience same as one is the new theme park which there is not because the contents of the story change depending on an action and the answer of the later participant no matter how much I perform it.

According to Yuji Yamaguchi, professor of Oberlin University knowing a lot about the leisure industry, as for "the entertainment of "the devotion type", popularity increases worldwide, and, for the facilities, can give a rate because added value rises. It means, I can hope that visitor unit price improves and increases profit.

In addition, as operator "the world and new entertainment to be able to fight. A foreign tourist said, I want you to think, "I want to come to Japan!" for the purpose of these facilities.

■How do you call in foreign tourists? USJ which embosses Japanese animation on the entire surface
And it is becoming important how you call in foreign tourists in the theme park now.

The first place, the second place are American theme parks, but, as for the top 5 of the ranking of the world theme park which an American research company announced last year of popularity, it is to third place - fifth place in a Japanese theme park.

The number of the visitors was the year, and Universal Studios Japan of the fifth place was about 12.35 million. There are Japan's original contents to let a foreign tourist think, "I want to go here!". It is Pikachu of Pocket Monster that heaps up a parade in Universal Studios Japan. It is said that there is an aim to raise the pulling in customers of the foreign tourist by proposing Japanese animation proud of globally high popularity to on the entire surface.

Furthermore, the "supermarket Nintendo world" which is popular among foreigners area is going to expand the area to 1.7 times next year. It means that the new area that featured the theme of Donkey Kong increases.

■The administrative aim that was going to open in the ruins of the U.S. forces facilities, and invited public participation for usage of the land?
Besides, a large theme park is going to open. It is a ruin of the U.S. forces facilities of Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi that can provide equipment. It is that it is going to be in the space absorbed in a Japanese view of the world regardless of the generation that should become the next-generation theme park which utilized Japanese the highest techniques. But the opening of business is a plan of around 2031 slightly earlier.

There is an aim in the government. Yokohama-shi that invited public participation for usage of the land increases the interchange of the people including the foreigner visiting the theme park while aging advances and tells you when there is I connect with regional activation, aiming.
The entertainment theme park facilities which start a business for 2024 years

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