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COVID-19 New restrictions on entry to Japan for non-Japanese


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26 Sep 2015
This will probably be most relevant to forum users who are applying to study in Japan for the first time.
As of 28 December, Japan is closing its borders to non-Japanese who newly entering the country (i.e., not to existing foreign residents) until the end of January in response to the new strains of Covid-19.
Definitely, an effective measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus's new variation, but I think it should be mentioned that the mutated strain has been introduced by returning Japanese nationals. And while a two-week quarantine is mandatory for Japanese citizens and foreign residents, I wonder whether this measure only applies to foreign nationals:

I've got no arguments with the new measures - at last the MOFA are acknowledging that not all foreigners are the same - but I can't help noticing the contrast between the decisive action taken by the government on closing the border again and the complete lack of action (apart from asking people nicely) to contain the internal domestic spread of the virus.
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