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Nakashima Mika

oh man... i know!!! i just found out that she was gonna be in ny yesterday!!! AHHH i wish i knew early so i could probably go and see!!! =*( i think she should seriously consider having a concert over here =D i'd TOTALLY GO!!!

sorry, i know this isnt the right place to ask.. but haiko, you mentioned anna tsuchiya... hehehe i just started getting into her.. heheh would you by any chance have anything of hers??? i just got her rose single and i LOVE IT!!!
Yeah, Mika's beautiful!!

But her songs can get a bit repetitive at times; that's why I'm so glad when she started doing those "NANA starring..." kind of songs. They're a nice change from all her usual stuff. ^^,

She really is talented, though!

You should see the PV for Sakurairo Maukoro; so sad!! Although Mika should definitely put on some weight and do something about that slouch...
I really think Mika Nakashima is great! And I just love her voice!!!! 👍
Her "Nana" style too is just too cool!!!!
The Nana style rocks, also I like most of her songs...not all though, best album I like is LOVE and THE END.

Also her version on My Way on the album THE END is just awesome ^_^
Hi! I'm a new fan of Mika Nakashima, and I was wondering if you guys could recommend some songs by her. The only album I've listened to is her "YES" album. So far, I enjoy the ballad type songs that she does, like Mienai Hoshi and Sunao na Mama. However, I'm not enjoying the southern-influenced songs in the album. I also like "Seppun" which has this sexy and reggae vibe.

So can you recommend songs like the ones I've mentioned? Thanks!
I've seen Mika in NANA and I loved her so much!
I love the song Glamorous Sky,she sings it beautifully^^👍
Big news:

Nakashima Mika Gets Rolling Stone Cover

Singer-actress Nakashima Mika (25) is to be the first Japanese artist to appear on the cover of "Rolling Stone Japan" magazine. Published in the US since 1967, Rolling Stone launched its Japanese edition in 2007 and the April issue marks its first anniversary. Like its US counterpart, the magazine has featured only top international stars - the March cover is graced by Johnny Depp. But chief editor Ino Takaaki said they chose Nakashima for her "strong rock spirit," adding that she stands out among leaders of the domestic music scene in that she has maintained her stoic and rarified aura.

She made her debut in the 2001 Fuji TV drama "Kizudarake no Love Song", playing the heroine and singing the title song. "Stars" was a hit and won her the Nippon Record Taisho and Gold Disc Best Newcomer awards in 2002. Her first two albums and a 2005 hits collection were all million-sellers, with "Love" also amassing huge sales in South Korea. In 2006, she released a charity single "All Hands Together" to support the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Read the whole article
^^ wow that's awesome

well as for me I've only every heard Glamorus Sky (i'm a big hyde fan girl) but i'm trying to get more of her songs cuz well i'm falling i love with her. She's so beautiful and she has a great voice. She's all around talented!
Unfortunately I havent heard much of her until I heard glamourous sky in "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!" for the DS. Lame I know but I fell in love with Glamorous sky when I saw Mika Nakashima's version of it. Funnily I'm not all that into Hyde's version despite everyone telling me its the original and the best :\.
Hello. Nice to meet you.

Hello. Nice to meet you.
I like Nakasima Mika very much. She is cute and original. Her voice and songs are very nice. I'm usually listening to her songs. And I often sing her songs when I go to Karaoke. She is a great singer.
i like mika too . i saw her in the movie, NANA ,She looks like smart girl and she is my inspiration to do anything for success. :)
Nakashima was the first reason that I ever got interested in learning the Japanese language. When I heard her singing in Hi no Tori and Oborozukiya~Inori, I decided that I wanted to understand what she was saying. I've mentioned this in other places on the Forum before: the sound of Japanese words are beautiful, especially in song, and Nakashima represents perfectly.

I've seen many of her videos (including her 'Home Video') a few interviews, commercials and so on. I've never owned an album of hers (since they cost a LOT buying from overseas). She's definitely a legend of her own.
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