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Need Your Help With Nakashima Mika


29 Jul 2003
Does anyone know where I can purchase a CD of Nakashima Mika's music. I've searched google and have only found a Hong Kong site. The CD was $30 excluding shiping cost. Anyway, if someone can point me to some place in the states where I can buy her CD, I would really appreciate it.

I saw her on Pop Japan TV. Her song Yuki No Hana has been stuck in my head for several weeks now.
Are you deadset against ordering over the Internet? If not, CD Japan is a reasonably priced option... their shipping is very reliable, and their prices are lower than other places I've checked (singles $10 and below, albums around $23-24).

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Otherwise, the most likely place you'd find stocking J-Pop CDs you could walk in and buy would be a local Japanese shopping center, like a Mitsuwa/Kinokuniya outlet. I live fairly near New Jersey, so I often visit the Mitsuwa plaza in Edgewater... but bear in mind that you'll be spending between $30-35 for a CD album. That's just the standard Japanese price for CDs... sad but true...

Good luck in your search, and nice to meet you!

Got It!

Thank you for your suggestions. I was able to buy Mika's CD from a guy in Singapore on EBAY. And fairly cheap also. Ah what a wonderful voice.
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