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Medical/clinical Jobs in Japan For foreigners?


10 Apr 2021
Hello, I currently have a Bachelor of Health Science and currently working on a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Associate Degree. I wanted to move to Japan under a working visa after I am done with my program. I have been studying Japanese it might not be much but I still have two more years before I plan to go. I am simply planning ahead and what to know the job opportunities over in Japan for this field. To get a working visa you have a higher chance to go as an English Instructor which is also the most common way. I have also considered this but I don't want my degrees to go to waste. What would I have to do to get a job as an ultrasound technician in Japan as a foreigner?
What are my chances of getting a job in the medical field?
And how hard is it to achieve? I read many threads on here and it seems impossible and that I should just go down the teaching route. Can someone help me have a better understanding of the process to get a medical job as an American?
Get a job as an ultrasound technician at a hospital on a US military base in Japan.
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